Chengdu Investment Promotion Center: Chengdu After“5.12”Wenchuan Earthquake

Sunday, June 1, 2008 12:36
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Along with the June investment promotion newsletter, my friends at the Chengdu Investment Promotion Center also attached this letter to tell us about the impact of the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake.  It is a bit dated, but the message is still just as clear.

The damage has been done, lives have been turned upside down, and while the rebuilding process will take years, the business environment is still sound and Chengdu welcomes people to come back.

Read the letter after the break.

14:28, 12th May, 2008, a 8.0ML earthquake broke out in Wenchuan County, Aba. Chengdu was impacted, a heavy lose was brought to lives and properties in outskirt counties, like Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Chongzhou.

ill 12:00, 24th May, report shows 4276 casualties, 1271 missing, and 26413 injured in Chengdu. Among them, 3069 casualties, 429 missing, and 4388 injured in Dujiangyan, 952 casualties, 676 missing, and 5770 injured in Pengzhou. 490,000 workshops collapsed, 729 industrial and mining enterprises influenced, 54 dams and 36 hydropower plants damaged, some natural and civil spots, and historic sites were heavily damaged in places like Dujiangyan. 2.904million population in Chengdu was influenced, and a direct loss of 95.84 billion RMB was caused.

Now, apart from disaster areas of Dujiangyan, and Pengzhou, Chengdu’s living is as what it was, citizens’ feelings are stable. 20th May, after organizing experts to estimate the situation of the quake, Sichuan Earthquake Bureau said Chengdu is not the aftershock area of Wenchuan Earthquake, the 6-7ML aftershock will not bring damage to Chengdu downtown, Chengdu downtown will not have destructive earthquake.
About Restoration of Chengdu FIEs

The earthquake brought a heavy damage to some mountain areas of Dujiangyan and Pengzhou which are very close to Aba. Downtown and suburbs could feel a strong impact, but no direct casualties and heavy property damage were caused.

After the earthquake, Chengdu Municipal Government made some studies about the influenced companies in Chengdu. Till 27th May, 1141 FIEs were in this investigation (84.02% of all). Apart from those in Dujiangyan and Pengzhou, FIEs in other areas of Chengdu were lightly damaged, 922 are now in operation (80.81%), among them 157 of 159 enterprises investigated by Hi-tech zone are back into operation(98.74%), 23 fortune 500 companies are all back in operation, 57 of 60 enterprises investigated by Economical and Technological Development zone are back into operation(95%)  166 FIEs of the 1141 reported damage, (about 567.13millionRMB loss, 8 casualties, 28 injured)

In summary, we think the heavy damages on lives and properties caused by earthquake are mainly in part of this area, those main factors suppoting Chengdu’s economic development are not changed, Chengdu’s living environment, business environment, and comprehensive competitivity are not changed.

Chengdu Investment Promotion Center

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