Britcham Shanghai Event: Build your Boat before the Flood

Monday, June 16, 2008 1:45
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Following the lines of the What if, What Else, and What are the Odds series I have been running, my friend just forwarded me the overview of an upcoming Britcham event

Build your Boat before the Flood

In early 2008, a snow storm hit China which induced direct economic loss of RMB111.10 billion. In 12 May 2008, an 8-magnitude earthquake overwhelmed the whole country with panic, killing 69,016 people with another 18,830 missing so far. In addition to natural disasters, businesses often face unexpected threats such as; computer hacking & viruses, legal sanctions, employee sabotage and workplace violence, which prompt the question: do you have a contingency plan ready?

Our speakers will share their expertise on the best practices of contingency planning by presenting case studies and providing guidelines on the following:

  • Key components involved in contingency planning
  • Differences between various terms of contingency planning and crisis management
  • Local, regional and global incident impact and management
  • Site specific plans

Speakers’ Biographies:

Jay Hoenig, President, Hill & Associates China
Mr. Hoenig has over 35 years experience in providing consulting services to both industry and government on a global basis. He has been working in Asia since 1995 and has lived in both Singapore and Shanghai . Before joining Hill & Associates, Mr. Hoenig was Senior Director at Fluor China . Prior to Fluor, Jay has held Managing Director, VP and General Manager positions in Singapore and Shanghai with major international design and construction companies operating in the Asia Pacific Region. Mr. Hoenig served on the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for three years and was the 2002 Chairman.

Robert Bailey, Regional Security Director, Dow Corning
Robert is currently Asia Regional Security Director for Dow Corning Corporation. He joined The Dow Chemical Company in 1992 as a Security Officer at their corporate facilities. He then joined Dow Corning Corporation in 1997 where he served for 10 years primarily in the Emergency Response / Loss Prevention Department, where his responsibilities included: Fire Fighting, Hazmat Tech, Emergency Medical, Security and Industrial Rescue.

Event Running Order:
11:30-11:45am Registration
11:45-12:15pm Lunch
12:15-12:20pm Introduction
12:20-13:10pm Presentations
13:10-13:30pm Open discussion and Q&A

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, 19 June
Time: 11:30-1:30pm
Venue: Hotel Equatorial, 65 Yan’an Xi Lu (贵都大酒店,延安西路65号), T: 62481688
Cost: Members RMB270 / Non-members RMB370
F&B: Western Lunch

If I had one suggestion, it would be to find the people at the city level responsible for these events… and possibly run through a what if during the event to get people thinking.

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