Why Beijing’s Vehicle Restrictions are Important For You

Sunday, June 22, 2008 0:03
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There has been a lot of coverage on Beijing’s recent announcement to reduce the number of cars and trucks on Beijing’s roads, but there are two things that I want everyone to pay attention to:

1) The plan will also prohibit most vehicles entering the city from outside Beijing. These vehicles will need special permits and must meet air quality standards.

Why is this important? How many of your containers placed on Beijing plated trucks?

2) the Dates July 20 – September 20.

Why is this important? Because those are roughly the exact same dates as those rumored factory shutdowns I have been telling you about

So, I ask again. are you ready for the disruptions that are going to occur in one month, and what preparations have you made? If you think that the shutdowns are not coming becausea you think the air quality will improve over the next 15-20 days… I suggest you look at this picture from Wednesday and ask yourself if this is the level of air quality Beijing is looking to have on August 8

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