Weekly Roundup: Role of Biomass in China, Regionalized Manufacturing, & Solutia in China

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 1:49
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With so much going on in China, and only a limited amount of bandwidth, I have created this weekly post to highlight articles that I feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting.

This week there are 4 articles that I have chosen to highlight as each are quite interesting, they are all relevant, and there are issues within each that I think you the reader should be aware of.

If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please do so in the comments section. We all have different areas of interest and bandwidth, so I hope you will take some time and post those articles!

Is biomass key to China’s energy path?

While looking into alternative energy options, I quickly learned that the power of poo was a very efficient and cheap way to power up. fortunately for readers, this article provides a much more intellectual and mature approach to describing why china needs to look at biomass as a way to wean its way off coal.

Does Regionalization Make Sense

with so much discussion on China getting expensive, some are beginning to look at the China + 1, or moving home, but my personal opinion is that as developing nations develop and labor costs increase in countries with the most viable manufacturing bases we will begin to see more firms take a regionalized approach. … and it is jsut one of those ideas that gets more interesting as the price of oil rises

Solutia looks to capitalize on growing China market

A native of St. Louis, and friends with the majority of the Solutia marketing team, I had to put this one in. St. Louis has lost nearly all of our big companies, and with Anheuser now rumored to be next, I feel the need to plug Solutia and make sure they stay. If that doesn’t compel you, perhaps the fact that Solutia only really got moving the last 3 years, and have already accomplished so much will convince you to read about how they have done it.. and what they feel is in their China future.

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