Jude Shao Released From Prison

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 22:07
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Normally I am not the type to ambulance chase a story about a foreigner getting himself into trouble in China (ok… there that one story There Is a Sucker Born Every Minute), but the release of Jude Shao from prison is one story that I think is important for readers to read and learn from.

The facts and conditions of the case always the subject of debate , his conviction was for tax eveasion.. specifically for defrauding the state of about 400,000 USD worth of VAT tax rebates.

and it was an offense that carried a 13 year sentence.

Personally, I have no connection to Jude or the case (and my knowledge of the case is pretty poor), but since I never actually heard his name spoken in business circles, I thought it was important to highlight that foreigners are not above the law..

and that in a case like this where there is clearly a larger story that no one is willing to discuss publicly, it is important that you keep yourself clean and insulated in China from some of the things that occur in the back rooms of a KTV.

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3 Responses to “Jude Shao Released From Prison”

  1. Kay Abernathy says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 5:25 am

    I could not be sure from your comments of your view regarding Mr. Shao’s innocence or guilt… I assume that, like most anyone reading his story, you are able to see that he was wrongfully accused and sentenced. I would say in response to your “larger story” however… that maybe you have missed the boat. It appears to me that Mr. Shao was not participating in shady practices nor that he believed himself to be “above the law”… but that he was set up by a community of unlawful crooks. Thank God the entire world doesn’t function on such a socially base and politically crude level. I can only hope great things are yet to come for him.

  2. Rich says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 8:37 am


    I have had several conversations on Jude since I have come here. I will admit that I have no understanding of the real facts as I was not in the courtroom. however, through the conversations I had, we always wondered what the real story was.

    You had Jude who was running a successful business, and according to him he had been paying the VAT (and had the receipts to prove it). you had the tax inspector who asked for a bribe (according to Jude), who he threw out of the office….and then you have Jude getting thrown in jail for 13 years for evading 400,000 USD worth of taxes.

    Something is still missing, and I don’t mean that in any way to say that he was doing something behind closed doors necessarily, but it doesn’t add up for me.

    the industry he was in (medical equipment) has always been corrupt to the core, with kick backs, ridiculous mark-ups, and hongbaos.. and to succeed in that market, many had to manage the minefield.. and my gut says that maybe someone wasn’t happy with his way of operating the minefield.

    anyway, I wish him all the best. I am not trying to poke fun at his situation at all, I am using this to show others just how important it is to remain clean.. and to make sure you are protected in the minefield.


  3. Anthony Battington says:

    July 4th, 2008 at 1:39 am

    Next up – Don St. Pierre Jr. of ASC Wines in Shanghai who has already been locked up for nearly a month on suspicion of VAT fraud – see: http://www.decanter.com/news/252499.html and who I now hear has had his passport confiscated, cannot leave the country and is awaiting to hear if he faces criminal charges while they continue investigations.

    They won’t announce that until after the Olympics if he gets charged but I bet there’s been plenty of temptation to fiddle the books with some wines at 100% import duties. His Dad, Don St. Pierre Sr. doesn’t come out of Jack Perkowski’s new book “Managing The Dragon” very well either. This story seems to have a fire attached to the smoke.

    Watch for news later on Juniors fate, because his problems with customs seem far from over.