Beijing Smog 5 Times WHO Safety Limits – More Shutdowns are Certain

Sunday, July 6, 2008 20:33

As I began writing about 6 months ago, the end of June/ beginning of July would prove to be critical. It was the time frame I was given as a deadline for when Beijing would begin making the decisions of when and where to shut down factories and begin taking aggressive steps to clean the air.

As you can see from the last week of my writing, that is exactly what happened. Beijing announced curbs, Tianjin announced curbs, Tangshan announced curbs, and with the U.K. based Times Online reporting that Smog in Beijing five times over safety limits, I am
absolutely certain that we have only begun to see the shutdown announcements.

According to the article:

Last week The Sunday Times used an industrial hand-held air monitor to measure the number of particles in the atmosphere, which include car emissions and coal dust from factories. The particles are considered the biggest polluting factor.

The average reading at the stadium was 780,000 particles per litre of air. Even factoring in a 25% margin of error for humidity levels exaggerating the readings, this is more than five times the amount deemed safe by the WHO.

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One Response to “Beijing Smog 5 Times WHO Safety Limits – More Shutdowns are Certain”

  1. m rogers says:

    July 12th, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    So what do more shut downs lead to? Shortages to goods leading to more inflation in commodities and consumer products or an easing of global commodity levels as the biggest demand driver is tempered, at least for a short time?