Chengdu Investment News: August 3

Sunday, August 3, 2008 6:54
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1. In second half year, sending 500,000 Taiwanese tourists to Chengdu
On July 11th, a delegation of 92 members composed of over 60 travel agents and 20 media led by Yao Daguang, director-general of Travel Agent Association of R.O.C. Taiwan, came to Chengdu, starting their 5-day tour of investigation on Sichuan tourism. On 14th having finished the visit to Dujiangyan, Yao Daguang expressed that the post-earthquake Chengdu is very safe, and after returning, they will enhance the efforts to promote Chengdu tourism in Taiwan, striving to bring over 500,000 Taiwanese tourists to the city.

2. Malaysia to set up foreign trade office in Chengdu
The Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province recently received a notification from the Consulate General of Malaysia in Kunming that the Malaysian government is to open the “Chengdu Office of Foreign Trade and Development Bureau of Malaysia” within July, learnt the journalist on July 16th from the office. It is a governmental organization, with Mr. Izam Khail Bin Ishak as its first trade commissioner.

3. Post-quake biggest MNC investment group came to Chengdu
The biggest foreign investors group after the earthquake, composed of representatives from over 50 multinationals around the global including Shell Petroleum, Carrefour and Nokia, participated in the “Post-Sichuan Earthquake MNC Investment Seminar” on July 16th sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce’s foreign investment office and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, during which the representatives signed with their Sichuan counterparts 8 projects worth 2.18 billion US dollars, which include the capital increase of Kerry Group in the Chengdu real estate project, Carrefour’s Dujiangyan store project, capital increase projects of Hong Kong Yongwang Silicon Company in setting up in Ya’an two production lines of annual 3,000-ton polysilicon and of HSC (Chengdu) Seamless Steel Pipe Co. Ltd in building two production lines of annual 40,000-ton oil country tabular goods.

4. Southwest China’s biggest production base of color coated sheet put into operation in Xinjin
On July 16th, the first batch of products for Chengdu Dongnan Ganggou Company’s annual 120,000-ton color coated sheet project were rolled out, which marked the formal establishment and operation in Xinjin Industrial Park of the biggest production base for color coated sheet in Southwest China.

5. Chengdu among list of China’s best-managed cities
After 3-month intense appraisement and competition, Chengdu distinguished itself by its “innovative management mode and management performance” from over 300 candidate cities throughout China and obtained the honorable title “China’s Best Managed City”, learned the journalist on July 17th from the China Urban Construction and Environment Upgrade Conference. Other 9 cities including Dalian and Dongguan also won this honor.

6. 18 projects secured in Jintang with 5.16 billion yuan signed joyfully
On July 17th, at the signing ceremony of Jinjiang and Jintang Regional Cooperative Industrial Projects and Post-earthquake Investment Attraction Projects of Jintang County, 18 projects were signed and settled officially in Jintang, involving industry, agriculture and trading services, with total investment of 5.16 billion yuans, of which industrial projects account for 15, amounting to 2.62 billion yuan, with the biggest individual project reaching 2 billion yuan.

7. Google to market Chengdu on line from August
On July 22nd, Internet search engine Google and Chengdu Culture and Chengdu Culture and Tourism Development Group signed a cooperative agreement that Google will kick off officially its global online marketing to promote Chengdu tourism on August 1st, firstly targeting main client countries and regions in North America, Oceania and Asia. It is reported that this is also Google’s first global integral marketing operation with a city as its theme.

8. LCD magnate settled in Chengdu to build production lines
After a national LCD giant BOEA has settled in Chengdu last October and invested in 4.5 TFT-LCD production lines, TIANMA Microelectronics Co. Ltd, China’s biggest LCD and LCM manufacturer, on July 22nd, established cooperation with Chengdu High-tech Zone, and will invest around 3 billion yuan to build 4.5 TFT-LCD production lines in the zone.

9. Boeing Aircraft, to use Chengdu-made parts within year
To be realized is the Chengdu-made tail-fin stabilizer of Boeing 747-8. On July 22nd, the journalist learned from Wuhou district that the Chengdu Office of the U.S.-based Vought Aircraft Industries has completed all commercial and fiscal procedures and formally settled down in Wuhou. According to the cooperative agreement concluded between Vought Aircraft Industries, Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group of AVIC 1 and China Aero-technology Import & Export Corporation, 300 millions will be invested, and starting from the 4th quarter of the year, Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group will deliver the aircraft parts made in Chengdu to Vought.

It is learnt that the American Vought Aircraft Industries is a fully owned subsidiary of Carlyle Group, a global private equity firm, and is also one of world’s biggest independent supplier of structural components for aviation. Chengdu’s office is its first branch set up in China.

10. Phenix Urban Media (Sichuan) Co. Ltd settled in Chengdu
Phenix Urban Media (Sichuan) Co. Ltd co-invested by Hong Kong Phenix Television Company Limited and a local media company was registered and set up officially on July 22nd. With for the initial phase registered capital of 3 million yuan, the company will mainly engage in the design, production, release and representing of various sorts of advertising from home and abroad.

11. Chengdu became national logistic hub city of first order
It was learned on July 23rd from the municipal transportation commission that the State Development and Reform Commission has formally listed Chengdu into the first-order logistics hub cities of China. With the planned on-going construction of “one network, two platforms, three park zones and four centers” of Chengdu’s logistics system, the city will assume the logistics functioning of regional and international importance.

12. Seeking for cooperation, British Business Delegation came to Chengdu for investigation
On July 23rd, a British Business Delegation led by Wei Tinghan, Consul general of Consulate General of Great Britain in Chongqing, came to Chengdu to learn about the post-quake construction of the city and seek channels for cooperation.
It is introduced that the delegation was composed of members of Confederation of British Industry’s, British Chamber of Commerce South West China, and China-Britain Business Council as well as representatives of British companies in fields of infrastructure, construction and environment protection.

13.Tasting fruits to buy, 3-billion-yuan bill inked
On July 24th, the first “Agricultural Products•Made in Chengdu, Welcome to Taste” activity was held after the earthquake in Longyuanyi district, with one of series activities focusing on summer fruits such as peach, pear, grapes, plum and apricot, including summer fruits tasting conference, summer fruits display and launching ceremony for summer fruit construction base, etc. Over 30 fruit dealers from all around China reached agreements of over 3 billion yuan on-the-spot with their counterparts from Longyuanyi, Shuangliu, Jintang and Qingbaijiang, etc.

14. Highest level, China International Exhibition Culture Festival to be held in Chengdu
At the Fourth China International Exhibition Culture Festival held in Changsha on July 26th, the organization committee formally announced the fifth edition to be staged in Chengdu next year, which will be the first time for the country’s highest level, most influential and attended exhibition theoretic discussion pageant to be presented in West China. Simultaneously held on the same evening was the awarding ceremony for the Fifth China Exhibition Price – Golden Dolphin Price, and Chengdu achieved the laurel the 2007 best city of comprehensive strength.

15. Chengdu’s first flower and tree logistics port to open end of year
Wenjiang district will soon have its first trial flower and tree logistics port built, which, by the end of the year, will be able to provide services like flower and tree handling logistics, temporary storage, flower and tree setting, products display, information exchange, e-commerce, plant quarantine, banking services and accommodations. It is Chengdu’s first logistics port mainly for the exchange of flowers and trees.
It is introduced that Wenjiang district, whose flower and tree trade reached 800 million yuan last year, currently has plantation of flowers and trees of 130,000 mou, and is planning to build two 100-mou central logistics ports and five 50-mou key logistics ports for flowers and plants.

16. Panda Festival’s curtain down, Chengdu and Hong Kong joining hands to make bigger Chengdu tourism cake
The 3-day Chengdu-Hong Kong Panda Festival ringed up its curtain on July 29th, which, according to incomplete figures, has attracted the participation of 1.2 million Hong Kong citizens. At the talkfest held among tourist professionals from Chengdu and Hong Kong on 28th, the White Paper of Investment Promotion for Tourist Projects of Chengdu introduced 55 projects worth in total 45 billion yuan, having attracted the attention of numerous investors; an agreement was reached between Chengdu and Hong Kong tourist operators, which will join hands to make bigger the Chengdu tourism

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