Cleantech Firms Benefit From Olympics

Saturday, August 9, 2008 2:39
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If you were to just read the popular press, it would be easy to laugh at the term “green Olympics”.  Journalists carrying hand meters taking air measurements, cyclists wearing face masks, and even air quality widgets all provide a bit of comedy to what is the serious conditions that their hyper development has created.

The problems though are much more complex that smog, will continue to be serious issues for the 1.3 billion residents of China, and while the government is taking “draconian measures”to reduce the air pollution, there are a lot of other issues to solve and programs/ technologies that are being put in place as part of this Olympics that will improve the quality of life for 20% of humanity.

Earth to Tech’s article 10 Cleantech Companies Greening the Olympics has stepped out of the smog box to look at 10 firms whose products are part of the larger “green Olympics”.

Ranging from LED lighting, clean water, energy management, and mass transit, the products and technologies highlighted will surely see a huge boost as they leverage the benefits of their programs to Beijing’s residents ongoing.

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