Alibaba Holds Comedic Gems in Its Inventory

Sunday, August 10, 2008 7:31
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When I first started surfing the web it seemed like I could spend hours online looking at new information.  hours would be lost as I made my way through AOL in the early 90s, Yahoo’s first directory in 95, and so on.. it seemed like every click would bring a new adventure.

Alas, after 15 years I am pretty much down to news.

However, when looking for worms last week on Taobao, I had perhaps the funnest internet adventure in a long time as my first result (click here if over 18) came back with a series of adult goods manufacturers.  figured out that worm was also a shape descriptor…

The second, and more refined search, landed a manufacturer who had picutres (see above and below) of his line… and it provided us with a bit of a laugh (Maybe you had to be there).

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