Chengdu Investment News: Sept 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 4:30
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1. 50 million US dollars, logistics giant kicked off Chengdu project
On August 25th, Prologis’s “Urban Commercial Logistics Center” project was kicked off, learnt the journalist from Chenghua district. The project occupying an area of 260,000 square meters is planned with 50 million US dollars to build 7 large-scale standard steel construction warehouses. It is introduced that the center estimated to be put into full use in 2010, will save logistics costs of 15-30% for industrial and commercial companies through its efficient and facile logistics and distribution system, and the whole service chain will employ a staff of over 1,000 persons.

Prologis is the world’s biggest industry and logistics infrastructure facility supplier and service provider, and an American Standard & Poor’s Indices 500 Company.

2. Hong Kong Meize’s Wind Power Generation System project started
On August 16th, the ceremony for the starting of the wind power generation system manufacture project of Hong Kong Meize New Energy Co., Ltd was held in the Industrial Park of Qingbaijiang district. It is reported that the project with total investment of 100 million US dollars, will produce annually 200 sets or more of 1.5MW wind power generation system, and is capable to achieve sales revenue of 1.5 billion yuan and taxation of 100 million yuan per year, and provide around 600 job positions.

3. WBC World Fighting to be held in Chengdu in November
In early November, the 46th WBC annual meeting will be held in Chengdu, with an aim to help the rebuilding of homeland after the earthquake and to push the quick development of professional boxing in China. It is estimated that the meeting will attract over 500 players from 162 countries and regions. One focus of this year is “WBC World Fighting”, which is planned and organized by famous boxing agent Don King.

4. Common understanding in Chengdu on building world-class high-tech zones signed in Chengdu
On August 15th, the workshop on building world-class high-tech zones was held in Chengdu, during which six zones firstly approved by the state to “build world-class high-tech zone” including Zhongguancun, Shanghai Zhangjiang, Shenzhen High-tech Zone and Chengdu High-tech Zone, signed the Common Understanding in Chengdu on Building World-class High-tech Zones. The six chosen zones will set up a regular exchange system, enabling national high-tech zones to truly become an important carrier for advancement of technology and independent innovation.

5. 150 million yuan added, HSC steel pipe processing line project settled in Qingbaijing
On August 15th, the 150-million-yuan steel pipe processing line project of the Lebanon-based HSC Company was signed in Qingbaijiang district, which is HSC’s second capital increase after HSC (Chengdu) Seamless Steel Pipe Company Limited was set up in 2006 in the district, and is also Qingbaijiang’s 4th foreign-invested project signed since the Wenchuan Earthquake.

6. Chengdu’s fixed assets investment increased by 25.2% in first half year
According to the statistics published on August 15th by the municipal statistics bureau, in the first half year, Chengdu’s fixed assets investments accumulated completed 135.078 billion yuan, up 25.2% year-on-year, showing a steady trend. The statistics indicate that the property development investment is keeping relatively high growth in the first six months of this year, infrastructure investment rebounding notably, and industry investment remaining rather fast rise, with an obvious change in investment structure. In the first half year, the total investment on the city’s real estate development reached 50.836 billion yuan, up 32%, on the whole keeping a same growth rate as in the same period of last year, which contributed 54.2% to the total investment increase, lifting the latter by 11.4%.

7. 100 million US dollars, TaiwanGlass’s new project fills gap in Sichuan
TaiwanGlass Chengdu Glass Company signed on August 1st a project in Qingbaijing district to invest 100 million US dollars to make 60,000 tons of electronic grade alkali-free reinforced glass fiber. It is reported that the project to be completed next year will fill the blank in such a field in Sichuan, which will not only bring annual sales of 450 million yuan and taxation of 120 million yuan to Qingbaijing district, but also provide abundant raw materials to the post-earthquake reconstruction.

8. Dayi cast three thump cards of cultural tourism base
At the sixteenth special press conference for post-earthquake reconstruction held on August 22nd by the municipal public information office, Dayi, one of four heavily-hit regions in Chengdu, showed its three trump cards for the reconstruction of its tourist industry after the earthquake. The county will build up three brands, namely “Cradleland of Chinese Taoism”, “International Holiday Resort of Snow Hill and Hot Spring in South China” and “First Museum Town in China”, striving to use 3 to 4 years to make Dayi a national cultural and tourist base and a holiday destination for Chinese tourism.

9. Chengdu’s first Sino-Indian co-invested software company opened
On August 22nd, Chengdu Elegon Infotech Co., Ltd, the city’s first Sino-Indian joint-invested software company and first large-scale financial software service provider headquartered in Chengdu, was formally opened in Chengdu High-tech Zone. It is reported that the company will build within 3 three years in Chengdu China’s biggest financial BPO service team and biggest financial software outsourcing responsible team, equipped with strongest R&D for financial software products, and become a leading software service company in Chengdu, with a staff reaching 10,000 persons.

10. Pujiang to build modern printing base
In order to receive the industry transfer of printing enterprises located in eastern coastal areas and overseas, Chengdu has decided, according to the development status of its printing industry, to set up the “Chengdu Modern Printing Base” in the Industrial Park of Pujiang, learnt the journalist on August 14th.

It is introduced that the base covering 2.5 square kilometers, will focus on printing production and processing, and give priority to receiving modern printing business and related supporting companies. The city of Chengdu henceforth will energetically direct the local large-scale printing companies to move towards the base, and in the meantime accept printing companies transferring from the southeast coast as well as from Europe, the U.S., Japan and regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan in a form of “gradient transfer”.

11. China’s largest network operator of POS print media settled in Chengdu
Hengyun New Media Group, China’s largest network operator of POS print media, signed an agreement of cooperation with Chengdu High-tech Zone to invest 60 million US dollars to set up there a subsidiary, learnt the journalist on August 26th from Chengdu High-tech Zone.
It is reported that the Chengdu company will engage mainly in the R&D and application of multimedia and network technologies and products, post-phase editing and production of multimedia ads and animations, as well as sales settlements for national advertising and sales management in Southwest China.

12. Chengdu’s first tea culture featured street to be completed next month
Elaborately constructed for more than one year and invested with nearly 20 million yuan, the Chengdu tea culture featured street block with as its core the Southwestern Tea City, the biggest specialized wholesales market for tea goods in the southwestern region, will be completed and make its public debut next month, which is one of 4 municipal-level feature commercial streets planned by Jinniu district, and also the city’s first feature street themed in tea culture, learnt the journalist on August 26th from Jinniu district.

13. Southwest China’s biggest furniture mall set sail in Longquan
Co-invested with 1 billion yuan by Yinhe Investment Group Co., Ltd and Sichuan Boom Furniture Decoration Company, the Modern Resident Town project was signed recently, which marked the formal start-up of the biggest modern house decoration mall in West China, to be constructed with the strong collaboration of the two powerful companies, learnt the journalist on August 14th.

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