Chengdu Investment News: October 3, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008 7:53
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1. Sichuan’s liquor output ranked first in China
On September 15th, the reporter learned from the provincial commercial bureau that from January to July of 2008, Sichuan’s large-scale liquor-making companies altogether produced 589,400 kiloliters of distilled spirit, up 30% year-on-year, taking up 19.6% of the country’s total output, remaining first in China; among them, 6 famous liquor enterprises in Sichuan have realized sales revenue of 25.584 billion yuan and taxes of 7.255 billion yuan, up 27.2% and 25.8% year-on-year, respectively.

2. Chengdu Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Company entered into ranking of “50-billion-yuan credit guarantee institutions in China”
Chengdu Small&Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd has successfully entered into the list of “50-billion-yuan credit guarantee institutions in China”, becoming the first of its kind in West China, learnt the journalist on September 17th from the Ninth Director Joint Conference of Small and Medium-sized Credit Guarantee Institutions of China.

3. With 120 million US dollars, WBL Corporation to invest flexible circuit board in Chengdu
On September 18th, American-based WBL Corporation Limited, the world’s fifth largest producer and supplier of flexible circuit board and assembly components, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the management committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone, planning to build the flexible circuit board project with total investment of 120 million US dollars.

It is reported that the flexible circuit board is widely used in MP3 and MP4 media player, portable CD player, household VCD and DVD, digital camera, cell phone, as well as in fields like medical treatment, automobile and aerospace.

4. Fourth West China Cross-Strait Economic and Science-Technology Expo opened in Chengdu
The fourth West China Cross-Strait Economic and Science-Technology Expo was held on September 19th in Wenjiang district, Chengdu, where over 1,500 enterprises from mainland and Taiwan met to give counsels for cross-strait economic cooperation and Sichuan’s post-disaster development.

The two-day expo has an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters for products and achievements, which include cross-strait electronic information, precision machinery, high technologies, as well as Sichuan tourism, trade and modern agriculture, etc. Agreements of intention of 18 projects, involving electronics, mechanics, food, modern agriculture, medical treatment, new material application and clean energy, were reached at the expo, with total investment of 10.825 billion yuan.

It is learnt that since 2002, Chengdu has successfully held three times the West China Cross-Strait Expo. The Chengdu Cross-straits Technological Industrial Park located in Wenjiang district is the only national-level industrial zone of its kind in West China.

5. More than 60 brands exhibited, Chengdu Motor Show opened
The Eleventh Chengdu Motor Show was inaugurated on September 20th in the city. Scale unprecedented in its history, it had more than 60 domestic and foreign brands exhibited in an area of 90,000 square meters, and the number of visitors is estimated to reach 350,000.

6. UN’s vice general secretary visited Sichuan, searching deeper cooperation in disaster reduction
On September 22nd, a delegation led by Noeleen Heyzer, vice general-secretary of UN and executive secretary of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, arrived in Sichuan for a visit, whose aim is to learn about the disaster situation and do pre-phase investigation for the Special Meeting of Disaster Reduction Committee of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific planned to be held in Chengdu next March.

7. Kunming-Bangkok highway to be completed in 2011, enabling 30-hour drive from Chengdu to Bangkok
On September 22nd, the 2008 Chengdu-Kunming-Bangkok Great Passageway Forum was held in Chengdu. The Kunming-Bangkok highway will be completed in 2011, with the highway mileage between Chengdu and Bangkok being 2,807 kilometers, which takes merely 30 hours to drive through. This passageway will be developed into a convenient thoroughfare to the sea of Southwest China, greatly saving the marine cost and time traveling between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean; “Sichuan is for the first time so close to the Southeast Asia”, learnt the journalist on the meeting.

8. Post-disaster Chengdu’s tourism rising month by month, four hundred million yuan gained on Mid-autumn Day
It is revealed by Chengdu Tourist Bureau that the city’s tourist industry is showing a gradual recovery month by month: in July, the city welcomed in total tourists of 3.0672 million, increased by 35.45% over June, achieving revenue of 2.377 billion yuan; in August, it received 3.3628 million visitors, up 9.64% over the previous month, gaining 2.607 billion yuan. For the just finished mini long holiday of “Mid-Autumn Day”, according to the statistics of sampling survey on the three-day holiday tourism, the city received 1.75 million visitors, increased by 53.4% compared with the “Duanwu Festival” of this year, generating revenue of 457 million yuan.

9. Investing 50 million yuan, Shanghai company to plant grass in Pixian
On September 23rd, the reporter learnt from Pixian County that another acceptance of industrial-shifting agricultural project – the Jingwen Chengdu ornamental plant research center project invested by Shanghai Jing Wen Afforestation & Arts Development Co. Ltd was formally settled in Pixian County. The project is to be constructed into a first-rate production and marketing demonstration base and export base for ornamental plants in central and western China with integrated functions of research, production and sales. The project is invested with 50 million yuan and planned to use 500 mou of land.

10. European biggest sports goods retailer “placed a piece” in Chengdu
After nearly one-year trial operation, Decathlon’s first sports goods supermarket in West China – Decathlon Chengdu Tianfu Store was opened officially on September 24th, which marked the formal entry into the western market of the Europe’s biggest sporting goods retailer since it entered into China 5 years ago. According to the Chinese side of Decathlon, the company is full of confidence in the southwestern market with Chengdu as its center, and Chengdu Tianfu Store is the company’s first step in Chengdu as well as in the southwest market; in future 10 years, Decathlon will build 50 outlets in the southwestern region, with the number of stores merely in Chengdu to be increased to 12.

11. The 2008 China International Food and Tourism Festival unveiled in Chengdu
Sponsored by China National Tourism Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, the 2008 China International Food and Tourism Festival was inaugurated on September 26th in Chengdu.
It is reported that the festival which last one month, longest one in its history, will focus on the theme of “Grateful Land of Abundance and delicious food of Sichuan”, and innovatively animate the city’s 12 districts (prefectures) and counties where distinctive food-tasting activities will be held each.

12. Ninth Western China International Fair to be opened on October 27th
The Ninth Western China International Economy and Trade Fair will be held in Chengdu from October 27th to 31st. It is reported that the fair will combine the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction with the more emphasized theme of “Open western China, and beautiful future”, conforming to the principle of “being simple, enthusiastic and pragmatic”. It will promote comprehensively the regional cooperation, acceptance of industry shifts, and expansion of exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions across the world, especially from Easter Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia. It is predicted that over 10,000 foreign traders and 30,000 domestic merchants will participate in the event, and the number of professional and common visitors will reach 50,000 and 250,000, respectively.

The Western China International Economy and Trade Fair, under the auspices of 7 state-level ministries and commissions including the State Development and Reform Commission, 12 western provinces (cities), autonomous regions, and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, is a national-level trade fair carrying out concretely the strategy of Western Great Development. It has been held successfully 8 times in Chengdu.

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