Chengdu Investment News: Oct 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 23:58
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1. First Chengdu Forum on Acceptance of Global Industrial Shift held in Chengdu
On September 25th, the first Chengdu Forum on Acceptance of Global Industrial Shift sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government was held in the city, where gathered over 300 guests including representatives from multinational companies, persons in charge of key industrial parks in China, and experts and scholars, who discussed and exchanged their points of view on such topics as the overall tendency and characteristics of the current global industrial shift, the role China is playing within the shifting process, the policies and countermeasures of the city of Chengdu in reception of the industrial transferring, as well as the post-disaster reconstruction and economic development.

Starting from this year, once every year, the forum, through close cooperation with Shanghai Transnational Purchasing Center Co. Ltd, will become the sub meeting place of “China (Shanghai) International Transnational Purchasing Assembly”, by which to bring in effective resources from the world and promote the industrial shift development in Chengdu.

2. Sixth Chengdu International Computer Festival held in Chengdu
West China’s biggest IT pageant drawing extensive attention – the Sixth Chengdu International Computer Festival was held in Chengdu on September 26th. The festival has attracted approximately 2,000 enterprises to participate, including over 30 famous companies from home and aboard including Intel, AMD, IMB and Samsung. The statistics show that 850,000 visitors have came to experience the IT pageant during the festival, and the sales of IT products registered a new record in its history, with revenue totaling 280 million yuan.
At the opening ceremony, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce formally granted Wuhou district, Chengdu, the title of “Core Business District of Electronic Information Industry of West China”, becoming the first “national” electronic information business district in West China.

3. Among most attractive holiday resorts for “October First”, Chengdu ranked third
On October 5th, in collaboration with the world leading marketing information and media company Nielson jointly published the ranking of the most popular cities of China during the “October First” Golden Week, in which, the ranking of the most attractive holiday destinations of the “October First” Golden Week placed Chengdu the third.

4.World’s top-level chocolate shop opened in Chengdu
On October 5th, the chocolate conception shop of French loyal brand Debauve et Gallais was officially opened in Chengdu Kuan Xiang Zi-Zhai Xiang Zi historic & cultural preservation district, which marked the formal settlement of the world’s top-level chocolate in the city. It is reported that the shop is the company’s first conception shop in China, and Chengdu is the second city after Beijing it has entered in China.

5. Over 5.10 million tourists and 2.47 billion yuan revenue, speaks charm of Chengdu
During the national celebration holiday, Chengdu has received in total 5.103 million tourists and realized revenue of 2.47 billion yuan, up 3.5% and 7.1% respectively, compared with the national day holiday of last year; citizens’ enthusiasm for going out was high and confidence of visitors from outside Chengdu was rising up gradually, learned the journalist on October 6th from the twenty-third special press conference on Post-disaster Reconstruction by the municipal public information office.

During the whole golden seven-day, Chengdu registered no report of important tourist safety responsibility accidents and tourist complaints, having realized the “four unification” of security, order, quality and benefit. According to the sample survey on 1,496 tourists in Chengdu, the degree of satisfactions over the city’s tourist environment during the “October First” Golden Week attained 99%.

6. Bohai Bank Chengdu Branch opened, construction of West China Financial Center showing initial results
On October 7th, the Chengdu Branch of China Bohai Bank was formally opened to public. The Chengdu Branch of Bank of Shanghai, that of Bank of Chongqing and of Nanyang Commercial Bank have also entered into the preparation stage, the first two of which are expected to open within the year, introduced a person in charge from Sichuan Banking Regulatory Bureau.
At present, 15 financial background service centers including that of Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank and of Industrial Bank have been signed and settled in Chengdu, with total investment of 11.192 billion yuan. Furthermore, there are 29 financial institutions having intention to set up their financial background centers in the city. It is estimated that by 2012, the number of financial institutions in Chengdu will reach 170 and the employment of financial workers 300,000; the added-value of finance will attain 35 billion yuan, representing 12% of the total weight of the services sector.

7. West China’s first Italian famous brand shoes exhibition hall unveiled
Jointly built in the China Female Shoes Capital by dozens of famous Italian shoe brands, the Italian Famous Brand Shoes exhibition hall was set up formally, learnt the journalist on October 7th from the organization committee of the 2008 International Purchasing Festival of China Woman-shoe Capital. The hall is a permanent exhibition site and also the first of its kind in West China with a theme on Italian famous brand shoes. From then on, the hall will open up a direct commerce shuttle of shoes business between Chengdu and Italy, become a promotion center for Italian branded footwear and also serve as an important purchasing platform for Italian shoe-making industry to shift towards Chengdu as well as an important information center for Italian famous brand shoes to enter into Chinese retail markets.

8. A delegation of diplomatic envoys of Arabian countries in China came to Chengdu for visit
Organized by the secretariat of the Sino-Arabian Cooperation Forum of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires, a delegation made up of diplomatic envoys of 18 Arabian countries in China came to Chengdu on October 7th, starting their one-week visit to the city. It is reported that the visit will facilitate the more comprehensive and deeper understanding of Arabian countries on the economic and social development and huge potential of Sichuan and Chengdu, with actual actions to push their individual governments and companies to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with counterparts of Sichuan province and Chengdu city.

9. Three provincial economic indexes all surpassed level of last whole year
Up to the end of September, Sichuan’s foreign trade index, foreign investment index and foreign commercial cooperation index all have excelled the level of the last whole year, learnt the journalist on October 12th from Sichuan Commerce Department. In the first three quarters, the province has realized imports and exports of 15.886 billion US dollars, up 56.8% year-on-year, having exceeded the scale of 14.385 billion US dollars of the passing year; it has achieved contractual foreign investment of 4.779 billion US dollars, up 77.8% year-on-year, greater than 4.58 billion US dollars of the previous year; its international project contracting and labor service cooperation have accomplished 1.67 billion US dollars, up 64.9% year-on-year, surpassing last year’s 460 million US dollars.

10. China’s first comprehensive rural property rights exchange born in Chengdu
At the closing of the third Plenary Session of the 17th Communist Party of China Central Committee, the country’s first comprehensive rural property rights exchange – Chengdu Rural Property Rights Exchange was inaugurated in the city on October 13th.
It is reported that the exchange will provide professional services for the circulation of rural property rights including forest ownership, contractual operation right of land, rural house property, usufruct of collective construction land, agricultural intellectual property and equity of agricultural economic organizations, as well as for the investment and financing of agricultural industrialization projects.

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