Weekly Roundup: Tackling Statistical Transperancy, Bankruptcy in China, and The Certainty Bias

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 11:08
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With so much going on in China, and only a limited amount of bandwidth, I have created this weekly post to highlight articles that I feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting.

This week there are 4 articles that I have chosen to highlight as each are quite interesting, they are all relevant, and there are issues within each that I think you the reader should be aware of.

If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please do so in the comments section.

Beijing Tackles Lack of Transparency Amid Global Financial Crisis

In its coverage of the recent news that National bureau of Statistics has signaled it will reform China’s economic statistical system, the Jamestown foundation has put together an excellent analysis of what that means… and for anyone who has been working on research and analysis in China, it goes without saying that this will be a welcome step.

Bankruptcy in China Silent busts

This economist article is quite interesting, and was very informative in describing the current state of bankruptcies in China.. and the pressures firms face when they reach the end of the rope.

The Certainty Bias: A Potentially Dangerous Mental Flaw

Earlier this week I was on a panel for 4 fellow Thunderbirds telling 60 EMBAs about my experience in China.  A common theme among the panel was that firms/ individuals need to be careful when entering China, and to take the time to make sure that there is a business case for China.  That night when I returned home I came across this article, and it just seemed to click well within that conversation… a bit of psychology that explains why sometimes we are willing to believe in things that do not exist.

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