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Saturday, November 1, 2008 12:35
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With so much going on in the global economy, and with the US presidential election almost monopolizing CNN, it may be difficult ot keep up with anything else.

and with so many questioning the sustainability of CSR and sustainability, it may seem counter intuitive that I would spend so much time on the subjects…. but I have, and to make sure you are getting a well rounded picture of China, I would like to highlight a few of the article I have published on Crossroads and Cleaner Greener China.

Crossroads: CSR and Civil Society in China
Using Poison to Knock Off the Competition In China
Disney Labor Condition in China: Youtube Behind the Scenes
Why China’s Economic Rise is Unhealthy
Health System Reform in China
Labor Instability in China May Spell Trouble

Cleaner Greener China: Clean Technology | Green Products | Brilliant People |Solutions
Wastewater Investment Encouraged in China
Ocean Friendly Sushi
China’s True Cost of Coal
GM Pushing Green and Gas Guzzling Cars in China
China’s Dongtan Eco-City On Hold

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