Chengdu Investment News: November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008 8:34
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1. Zhejiang Companies invest another 5.8 billion yuan, to support Chengdu’s post-disaster reconstruction
On October 15th, during the investment introduction meeting (Zhejiang) of Post-disaster Construction of Sichuan, companies from Zhejiang province signed with Chengdu counterparts 4 industrial projects and 3 services sector projects, of total investment of 5.8 billion yuan, using actual action to show great supports to the post-disaster reconstruction and accelerated development of Sichuan and Chengdu.

2. Chengdu first time entered into top 50 rising cities for global services outsourcing
Global Service published in October the 2008 list of top 50 rising cities for global services outsourcing, and Chengdu was grouped in the list for the first time, ranking 37th, the only city in Midwest China to have entered the top 50.

Also according to the municipal bureau of commerce, from November 18th to 20th, Chengdu will welcome the first China International Services Outsourcing Trade Fair co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and US-based Gartner, which will attract the participation of nearly 110 services employers from Europe, the U.S. and Japan. It will be the largest scale and highest level specialized pageant of services outsourcing to be held in China this year.

3. Chengdu signed 11 projects, with total investment of 7.4 billion yuan
During the investment introduction meeting (Chongqing) of Post-disaster Construction of Sichuan held on October 17th, Sichuan province and Chongqing municipality signed 110 projects of cooperation, of total investment of 32.23 billion yuan, of which, Chengdu had in total 11 projects inked on the spot, with total investment of 7.41 billion yuan.

4. Chengdu hatched first video games of China
On October 15th, the first Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) developed by a Chinese native games studio – Crazy Mouse was officially released on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, which is also the first video game incubated in the Microsoft Game Technology Platform of the State’s Cartoon & Game Industry Revival Base, Microsoft’s sole video games research institution in China set up in Chengdu, which also marked the first entry of the “made-in-China” game into the world mainstream sub-generation game player platform.

5. Of headquarters economy developing capability, Chengdu’s rank ascended into second category
The “Fourth China Headquarters Economy High-level Forum” was held again on October 17th, during which the China Headquarters Economy Research Center of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences published the “2008 ranking of headquarters economy developing capability of 35 major cities in China”; Chengdu ranked 8th, rising into the secondary category. In the meantime, the forum also released the China Headquarters Economy Development Report (2008-2009), with experts’ high evaluation on the city’s headquarters economy development of Jinjiang district and advantages of its airport headquarters economy.

6. Pharmaceutical companies in Chengdu accelerating paces to explore business in Hungary
The Hungary Investment and Trade Development Agency and Chengdu High-tech Zone, EU Project Incubation Center (Chengdu) have signed a memorandum of cooperation on Sino-European Technological and Commercial Platform at Chengdu High-tech Incubation Park. The signing of the memorandum will allow more Chengdu companies and Hungarian technological enterprises to cooperate financially and technically, and build up a platform for Chengdu companies to expand into international markets, learnt the journalist on October 19th from Chengdu High-tech Zone.

7. For first three quarters, Chengdu’s GDP grew by 12.2%
For the first three quarters, Chengdu has achieved GDP of 282.13 billion yuan, up 12.2% year-on-year, maintaining a fairly well developing tendency; the local economy has on the whole restored to the pre-earthquake level, except for heavily-hit regions like Dujiangyan and Pengzhou.

8. International biogas industrialization seminar held in Chengdu
On October 20th, the 2008 China International Symposium on Biogas and Industrialization Forum sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was held in Emei Mountain, during which over 10 foreign experts and scholars from the U.S., Japan, Finland, Sweden and Ukraine, together with over 110 representatives from Chinese universities and research institutes including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tsinghua University and Sichuan University, have exchanged viewpoints comprehensively and deeply on the research, promotion and industrialization of the new green energy biogas.

9. “Trip to London” exhibition tour arrived in Chengdu
Jointly sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Think London, the large-scale exhibition tour “Trip to London” and business reception meeting was held in Chengdu on October 21st.

It is introduced that the activity lasts 3 month, covering 12 Chinese cities, and Chengdu is its eighth stop. The organizers hope via the activity to explore at least 30 Chinese companies who intend to settle in London and expand business.

10. Chengdu opened first transnational all cargo flight route
On October 23rd, the municipal government, East China Sea Airline Company and Shenzhen Qiyang International Freight Agency Co., Ltd signed an agreement of cooperation on the cargo flight between Chengdu and Hong Kong. It is reported that the air route will use B737-300 all-cargo carrier, whose maximum payload is 14.5 ton, and the goods currently transported on the route are mainly high-tech electronic products, international express and super-sized international logistics, which effectively ensures the needs of foreign-invested companies located in Chengdu region. The opening of the fight course will enormously promote the development of such high-tech industries as electronics, bio-medicine and precision machinery in Chengdu and surrounding areas.

11. IPIM’s Chengdu liaison office established
On October 27th, the Chengdu Liaison Office of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) was officially established in Chengdu, which will mainly engage in promoting the economic and trade exchanges between Macao and Sichuan province. It is the third liaison office established in mainland China by IPIM.

At the opening ceremony of the office, Macao delegation of entrepreneurs also signed 8 cooperative projects with Sichuan and Chengdu, totaling 670 million yuan.

12. Ninth West China Trade Fair inaugurated
On October 27th, the Ninth West China Trade Fair was inaugurated in Chengdu Century City • International Convention & Exhibition Center. According to the latest statistics of the organizing committee on that day, there were guests coming from 52 countries and regions to participate in the event, and 1542 units to exhibit at the fair, which include 7 foreign (special administrative region) heads of government, 16 foreign (special administrative region) ministry-level senior officials, 33 ambassadors, commercial counselors, and officials from foreign (special administrative region) associations of commerce, as well as 173 chief officers of Fortune Global 500 companies, multinationals and large enterprises; government and business delegations numbered 216, and foreign and domestic companies and business associations over 12,000.

13. 87 purchasing orders concluded 19.3 billion yuan
On October 27th, the China Sichuan Purchaser Conference, a fabulous “starter” of the Ninth West China International Trade Fair, was formally opened, with more than 800 purchasers from home and abroad and over 1,290 suppliers joining in the face-to-face negotiation activity. According to the statistics, up to the midday of that same day, 87 projects were signed successfully at the conference, with contractual amount accumulated to 19.32 billion yuan, involving 200 products of 13 categories which include electromechanical goods, chemicals, costume and agricultural products.

14. Chengdu consensus: to jointly build pan-Asia new system of traffic logistics
On October 27th, during the first West China International Cooperation Forum, an important event of the West China Trade Fair, government delegates from over 20 countries and regions including China, Laos, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and China Macao, reached the 2008 Chengdu Consensus, agreeing to build together the pan-Asia new system of traffic logistics.

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