JUCCCE China Clean Energy Forum Notes: Roundup

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:39
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For the last two days, I have been in Beijing participating in the JUCCCE China Clean Energy Forum.

A topic that I have been writing about more and more, and even devoted a new site to,  this was the first conference/ event where I have walked away having really learned new things .. put concepts together..and tapped into a network where people are finding it jsut as hard to sleep as I am.

To make sure  I am “spreading the wealth”, I have posted all my notes over at Cleaner Greener China.

I would also suggest you go to Green Leap Forward and China Environmental Lawyer as well… we were all taking notes on some level:

Mark Levine: the Myths and Realities of China’s Energy Situation
Steve Papermaster: US Energy Issues 2008/2009
China – US Policy Panel
Energy Efficiency and the Built Environment
China Energy 2050
Energy Saving and Emission Control
Panel: China’s Smartgrid
Kickstarting Solar Deployment in China
Urumqi Energy Savings
Planning for Green Infrastructure
Green Building Operations
Difference Between US and China on Green Building Standards
Green Transportation
Better Place Electric Automotive
Sustainable Public Transport

With a small part on a superb panel, there was a comment that I wanted to repeat now.

When working with firms on sustainability and CSR in China, I am constantly having to remind those I am speaking with that in China it will not be hurdle rates that will define investments, and it is not customers that will dictate the direction on the the topics or sustainability.

It is citizens… it is access to clean water… clean air.. and that US/ EU investors need to keep that in mind when looking to understand the market for sustainable products, technologies, and services here.

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