Chengdu Investment News: November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 9:26
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1. Chengdu’s GDP ranked third in central and western China for first three quarters
On November 4th, Chengdu Bureau of Statistics published the ranking of the main economic indexes of Chengdu in the first three quarters in comparison with those of cities in Midwest China and of deputy-provincial cities of the country. It is learnt that during the first three quarters, Chengdu has realized GDP of 282.13 billion yuan, ranking 3rd among 17 cities in central and western China, while ranking 6th among 15 Chinese deputy-provincial cities; the average disposable income of urban residents is 12,530 yuan, ranking 4th in Midwest China and 12th among the deputy-provincial cities.

2. West China’s automotive industry is growing up
During the West China Expo, the Chengdu Automotive Industry Investment Introduction Meeting and Project Signing Ceremony was held on October 28th, during which 8 projects were signed, with total investment of 13 billion yuan, including the Automobile Part Manufacturing Industrial Park invested by Nanjin Automobile Group with 5 billion yuan in the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETDZ), Chengdu International Auto Exhibition Center by Hong Kong Reilong Group with 4 billion yuan, and the motordrome by Mintai Group with 2 billion yuan.

It is introduced that with the settlement in the CETDZ of a series of important projects with scale efficiency and driving effect such as Faw-Volkswagen’s third factory, SFTM’s capacity expansion revamp and West China Production Base of Geely, Chengdu’s automotive industry is entering into a phase of accelerated development. The next step the city will take is to fully guarantee the development of the auto industry in multiple aspects from production factors, governmental service to policy support, striving to build the CETDZ into the “West China Automotive Industry New Town” integrated with automobile manufacturing, trading, sports and entertainment with secondary and tertiary industries being developed interactively and harmoniously.

3. Sichuan tourism absorbed 55 billion yuan, Heavenly State revitalizing beautiful scenery
At the “Investment Attraction Meeting of Important Projects for Tourism Revitalizing of Sichuan” and “Signing Ceremony of Tourist Cooperation of Chengdu” held on October 28th, 48 projects of each over hundred million yuan were signed smoothly, with total investment exceeding 55 billion yuan, of which Chengdu signed 24 tourism projects of 37.31 billion yuan.

4. Ground breaking for Chengdu civil airplane industrial park
The Chengdu Civil Airplane Industrial park with total investment planned to reach 5 billion yuan was officially started with the foundation stone laid on October 29th in Qingyang district, Chengdu. The project will be completed in two years, and is striving to achieve sales revenue of 4.2 billion yuan by 2015. It is estimated that before 2020, the park is capable to produce annually 20 sets of large-scale passenger aircraft head and forebody.

5. IFC to invest 100 million yuan in Chengdu Small Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co.
On October 30th, the signing of the investment agreement between Chengdu Small Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd and International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group and plaque-conferring ceremony were held in Chengdu. IFC is to invest 100 million yuan in Chengdu Small Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co. Ltd, which will make the latter capable to provide the newly-added financial support of 1 billion yuan for small and medium-sized enterprises.

6. West China Trade Fair ended satisfactorily
On October 31st, the Ninth West China International Expo was concluded with a satisfactory full stop. It is reported that a total of 795 investment projects were signed during the event, involving 300.452 billion yuan, of which 750 are domestic-invested projects with 269.0 billion yuan, and 45 foreign-invested projects totaling 4.605 billion US dollars. Of the signed projects, Sichuan has 675, with total investment of 264,465 billion yuan. The trade transaction attained 57.667 billion yuan, in which 56.317 billion yuan of trade contracts were signed, with domestic capital weighing 46.504 billion yuan and foreign capital 1.444 billion US dollars; the transaction on-the-spot at the exhibition hall achieved 1.35 billion yuan.

The meeting not only generated good economic results but also garnered high praises and wide recognition from all walks of life, in particular the 2008 Chengdu Consensus reached at the first West China International Cooperation Forum which is of great importance to push comprehensive opening-up and cooperation, construct the pan-Asia new traffic logistics system, and upgrade the region’s capacity against the world economy risks as well as its strategic position in the development structure of the world economy. Next June will be held again in Chengdu the Tenth West China Expo.

7. “Straw power generation” project settled in Chongzhou
West China’s first scientific demonstration project of comprehensive utilization of crop straw power generation technology is to be constructed in the Industrial Park of Chongzhou, learnt the journalist on November 3rd from the prefectural authorities. It is reported that Chengdu Haochang Ecological Protection Technology Co., Ltd co-established by Haolong (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd and Sichuan Yihao Ecological Protection Technology Co., Ltd has already signed with Chongzhou city, and will invest 90 million US dollars and introduce the world most advanced methane power generation equipment from Germany to realize the cyclic utilization of “straw – biogas power generation – biogas residue-made organic fertilizer – organic vegetable plantation – deep procession of agricultural products – product export”.

8. Wishing Sichuan a better tomorrow, British Prince visited Sichuan for first time
On November 4th, British Prince Andrew who came to Sichuan for the first time visited disaster areas including Dujiangyan, extending sincere regards to the disaster affected people on behalf of the British Royalty. At the Queen’s birthday reception held on the same night, representing Queen Elisabeth II, Prince Andrew wished Sichuan to have a better tomorrow.

Prince Andrew also participated in the seminar on “Sino-British Sustainable Green Architecture Design and Solution”, during which representatives from 9 British professional architecture organizations in the fields of construction planning, design, assessment and attestation made an introduction of the development of the growingly mature sustainable green architecture in the U.K. to the counterparts of 31 design units, development companies and architectural design institutes in Chengdu. .

9. To invest 500 million US dollars, Xintai coal-bed gas headquarters project settled in Jinniu district
On October 28th, the journalist learnt from the Investment Service Bureau of Jinniu District, Xinjiang Xintai Investment Group’s headquarters project of coal-bed gas development with total investment as high as 500 million US dollars has gone through all registration procedures and was formally settled in Jinniu district, Chengdu, which is the biggest investment project Jinniu has attracted this year, and also its first headquarters project of new-type energy. It will introduce the core technology representing the highest level in the field of coal bed gas development, and engage in the technical research and development of comprehensive utilization of coal mine gas in Chengdu.

10.Southwest China’s biggest “vegetable basket”’ products to be sold in Europe
Chengdu Juhe (International) Vegetable & Fruits Trading Center has formally signed a cooperative agreement with MELKASA, a Spanish logistics company, of a sum of 120 million euros, to build the Chengdu Juhe (International) logistics center of agricultural products, which will realize the direct distribution of agricultural products between Southwest China and Europe, learnt the journalist on November 6th from the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone.

It is learnt that the Chengdu Juhe (International) Vegetable & Fruits Trading Center covering 450 mou and invested with 365 million yuan was put into operation on December 28th, 2005. Now it has become the biggest “fruit plate” and “vegetable basket” in the southwestern region with the annual throughput of the market reaching 7,000 tons, daily vehicle flux of 1,700 vehicles and daily transaction of 15 million yuan, radiating over 20 provinces and cities across China. According to the agreement, MELKASA will provide a large sum of European low-interest loan to the Chengdu Juhe (International) Vegetable & Fruits Trading Center, as well as planning and technical support for the construction of the Chengdu Juhe (International) logistics center of agricultural products.

11.West China’s biggest amorphous silicon solar battery project started construction in Chongzhou
The ground breaking ceremony of the Sichuan K&M amorphous silicon solar battery project was held in the Industrial Park of Chongzhou city on November 8th, which will be invested with 600 million yuan in building 5 production lines of amorphous silicon and CIS solar pellicle battery. It is reported that the project is not only the biggest of its kind in West China, but also marked an adding of an important sector into the industrial chain of the new energy and new materials.

12. Chengdu won award of China International Friendship City
At the awarding ceremony of the “China International Friendship Cities Conference” held in Beijing on November 8th, 15 cities including Chengdu won the 2008 “Exchange and Cooperation Achievement Award of China International Friendship Cities”, which is the highest award conferred by the China Association for Friendship with Foreign Counties and China International Friendship Cities Association to the provinces and cities in China, and is also the first time for Chengdu to be awarded such honor.

13.Chengdu signed in Hong Kong 19 projects with total investment of 3.7 billion US dollars
During the Gratitude for Earthquake Relief Work and Post-disaster Construction Investment Introduction Meeting (Hong Kong) of Sichuan Province held on November 11th, Chengdu signed 19 projects of total investment of 3,717.68 million US dollars, of which industrial projects account for 5, with 877.40 million US dollars, and service sector projects 14, amounting to 2,840.28 million US dollars.

14.Six film chains shaping new structure of Chengdu cinema
On November 11th, Beijing New Film Association, Zhengtian Culture Investment Company and Overseas Chinese City signed an agreement to invest 40 million yuan to build the Zhengtian Movie Theatre, to be put in use next July, which will possess the biggest-size IMAX movie hall in China. With the entering into Chengdu of the Beijing New Film Association, Chengdu also welcomes its 6th film chain, top in China in terms of the number.

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