What Your Firm Should Learn From Taxi Drivers and The Human Flesh Search Engines

Monday, November 24, 2008 22:39
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Yesterday I wrote a post over at Cleaner Greener China that was essentially an extension on my Clean up or Clean out speech focusing on the role of the internet in China, specifically the human flesh search engine, and how it would become a force to be reconed with for firms operating and polluting in China.

Why I mention this, is that on a far wider scale, what we are seeing over the last couple of weeks with taxi drivers on strike believe is something that should be paid attention to, and that there is a lesson here.

Messages are beginning to reverberate and resonate across provincial borders in a way that we have not seen for a long time, that through mediums of internet and SMS these messages are spreading fast, and that it only takes a few people to pick up the scent for things to get out of control

For multinationals, where this gets important is simple.

Through bad PR, a dangerous product, or the release of chemicals into a nearby stream, the days of it blowing over may be past. That should the person standing up and pointing out the problem find sympathetic ears around China  or should their message get picked up by the Human search engine (what is difference between this article and this article), the rain may reach hurricane strength fast.

The likelihood that things reach Category 5 will depend on the timing and circumstances, but if there is one thing I think we will find, it is that as the financial situation around the world deteriorates the drier the kindling will get.

For those of you interested in a few areas I think firms need to avoid, feel free to review my recent Clean Up or Clean Out  deck.  By no means is it a map of the entire minefield, but jsut some thoughts based on what I have seen on the operations side of things.

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