Mastercard Gives China Too Much Credit

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 22:07
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The latest Mastercard Emerging Markets Index has come out, and guess whose credit has gone up?


The survey, which ranked 65 cities, looks at 8 different factors:

  1. Economic and Commercial Environment 12.80%
  2. Economic Growth and Development 13.80%
  3. Business Environment 16.60%
  4. Financial Services Environment 10.60%
  5. Commercial Connectivity 13.00%
  6. Education and IT Connectivity 12.00%
  7. Quality of Urban Life 10.60%
  8. Risk and Security 10.60%

and of those 65 cities, 15 of China’s made it into the index… all within the top 30.. with Shanghai taking top spot and Beijing taking second

Perhaps Mastercard is lagging in these markets?

The most predictable metric was the Economic Growth and Development table where China’s cities were all in the top 3 (10 Chinese cities tied for 3rd)

For me, the most interesting pieces came in the form of Education and IT connectivity where China took all 10 spots (apparently super slow bandwidth and the GFW didn’t count against them) and Quality of Urban Life where China did not get into the top 10.

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