Chengdu Investment News: November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008 7:37
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1. To invest 258.8 billion yuan, 4 heavy disaster areas of Chengdu to be recovered and reconstructed in 3 years
The municipality of Chengdu has completed the “General Implementation Planning of Recovery and Reconstruction of Heavy Disaster Areas of Chengdu after Earthquake of Wenchuan”, according to which, 258.876 billion yuan and about 3 years will be invested in achieving the main tasks of recovery and reconstruction, learnt the journalist on October 28th from the Post-disaster Reconstruction Investment Introduction Meeting and Project Signing Ceremony of Chengdu. It is reported that the planning covers Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Chongzhou and Dayi, heavily-hit areas by the disaster, spanning from 2008 to 2010. It is also introduced that Chengdu has already signed 149 projects of total investment of 90.7 billion yuan up to October 26th after the earthquake, of which 37 key projects have been put into construction.

2. Chengdu became one of five most active cities in exhibition
According to the statistics of the CCPIT, the direct revenue from China’s exhibition industry in 2007 has achieved 14 billion yuan, with nearly 4,000 exhibitions whose exhibition space surpassed 5,000 square meters, but the great potential is still to be tapped.
It is introduced that the exhibition industry in China is most active in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Chengdu, where were formed the “five industrial belts of exhibition economy which are the “Around Bohai Sea Area, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Northeast Region, and Midwest China”.

3. Chengdu won award of Best Investment City of China Manufacturing Industry
The eyeball-catching Awarding Ceremony of Asian Manufacturing Association was held in Chengdu on November 15th. Chengdu was awarded by the Asian Manufacturing Association the title of “2008 Best Investment City of Chinese Manufacturing Industry”.

4. World-class perfumes using “made-in-Chengdu” materials
On November 15th, Chengdu Jianzhong Fragrance & Flavor Co., Ltd was officially set up and put into production, which marked the establishment of the country’s biggest production base of fragrance and flavor in Xinjin, starting to provide materials for top-grade perfume makers in the world.

5. First China Outsourcing Summit opened
The first China Outsourcing Summit, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology and co-organized by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and American company Gartner, was held in Chengdu on November 17th.

It is learnt that the international buyers this summit has invited are of highest number and level among similar activities in China. Over 70 service outsourcing companies from the U.S., Europe and Japan, each with annual turnover above 500 million US dollars and annual outsourcing budget over 5 million US dollars, in such fields as finance, logistics, transport, manufacturing, retail, aviation, chemical, food, medicine and IT, have participated in the event; meanwhile, 50 most competent outsourcing service providers of China also gathered in Chengdu for the first time.

6. German Deutschmann opened restaurant in Chengdu
Chengdu’s foreign fast food market has a new recruit. On November 18th, a German fast food restaurant Deutschmann was officially opened to public at the Platinum City in Luomashi. It is learnt that Deutschmann is jointly invested and developed by German companies Zhaibo and GmbH, and the Luomashi restaurant is its first fast food restaurant set up in China.

7. China Construction Bank signed strategic cooperative agreements with six key clients
In order to fully carry out the central government’s strategic arrangement of further enlarging domestic demands and promoting the smooth and sound economic development, on November 19th, China Construction Bank signed strategic cooperative agreements with 6 key clients including China Dongfang Electric Group and Chengdu High-tech Zone, awarding comprehensive credits as high as 65.1 billion yuan.

8. 330 million yuan to be invested, Hongpailou to be built with Chengdu’s first exotic street block of Taipei
Of total investment of 330 million yuan, the Taipei-flavor street block project has been formally put into construction, to be built into Chengdu’s first humanistic community with Taipei flavor, learnt the journalist on November 19th from the Wuhou district government. It is reported that it is Taiwan Xuyang International Investment Corporation’s first project in Chengdu, which will become another bridge of economic and cultural exchange between Chengdu and Taipei upon completion.

9. 100 meters high, Chia Tai to invest highest building in Dujiangyan
Chia Tai Group and its strategic partner Global Group will build in Dujiangyan a landmark building of 30 stories and 100 meters high, with total investment of 300 million yuan, learnt the journalist on November 19th from the city of Dujiangyan.

10. Wenjiang’s export of flowers and plants “in full bloom”
The export of flowers and plants of Wenjiang district was booming since recently, with daily sales averaging five to six million yuan. It is learnt that the sales of flowers and plants in Wenjiang slumped after the Earthquake, but are quickly recovering through great efforts, and it is estimated that the exports exceed 1 billion yuan this year.

11. Southwest China’s biggest beer factory Resources Snow to start trial production next month in Xindu

As an important provincial project of carrying on industrial transfer by Xindu district, Resources Snow’s 600,000-ton project will be generally completed and put into operation next month. It is reported that the project upon completion will yield estimated output of 1.2 billion yuan and taxation of 200 million yuan annually, to become the biggest modernized brewery in Southwest China, and capable to provide 500 job positions, learnt the journalist on November 24th.

12. China Aluminum’s 100,000-ton double zero aluminum foil project to be started next month
With total investment of 3.7 billion yuan, Aluminum Corporation of China’s 100,000-ton aluminum foil project will break ground next month in Xindu district, learnt the journalist on November 24th.

It is reported that the project upon completion will become the largest specialized production base of double zero aluminum foil in China, and even in Asia, whose products will be widely employed in the fields of packaging, electric, construction and machinery, etc. An important key provincial project of accepting industrial transfer of Xindu district, the project will drive and promote local economy and rapid and high quality development of relative industries.

13. Ice ballet Princess Wishes came to Chengdu next month
From December 11th to 14th, “Princess Wishes”, classic piece of Disney On Ice’s, will be staged in Chengdu, unveiling its premier show in mainland China for its world tour.

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