Chengdu Investment News: December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008 22:34
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1. Gathering in Chengdu, Dell carrying over 200 retailers to discuss development
On December 1st, the global PC giant Dell called together over 200 retailers to participate in the “Retail Channel Partnership Summit” in Chengdu, to discuss the 2009 consumption market strategy, which is the first time for Dell’s consumption business to hold the partnership summit in China and even in the world.

2. Fortune Global 500 Murata settled in Qingyang district
The Chengdu branch of Japanese Murata, world leader in electronic components manufacturing, was recently settled in Qingyang district, which will take charge of the company’s operation in West China, including market exploration and after-sale service, learnt the journalist on December 2nd from Qingyang district.

3. Chengdu entered top 50 Chinese cities of comprehensive creative capacity
The Evaluation Report on Cities of Best Creative Capacity in China prepared by the Science and Technology Daily, Innovation Education and Research Institute of Peking University and National Technology Revitalizing City Economy Seminar was published recently, which has chosen the “Top 50 Chinese Cities of Comprehensive Creative Capacity”, Chengdu in construction of the western technology center is among the list, learnt the journalist on December 4th from the Chengdu Bureau of Science and Technology.

Besides the ranking of the “Top 50 Chinese Cities of Comprehensive Creative Capacity”, those of Chinese Cities of Best Innovative Environment, Chinese Cities of Best Innovation Power and Chinese Cities of Best Innovation Performance were also available at the same time, Chengdu is all listed and among the first 15.

4. 355 billion US dollars having been invested, Taiwanese investors’ enthusiasm not diminished but enhanced
After the Wenchuan Earthquake, Taiwanese investors did not alter their decisions of capital increase and investment in Chengdu, but continue reinforcing their investment in the city, with a batch of Taiwan-invested companies having settled their capital-increase and investment projects in Chengdu, learnt the journalist on December 4th from the press conference.

According to preliminary statistics, from July to November of this year, Taiwan investors have invested in total 355 million US dollars, in which, the data of the third quarter compared with that of last year and of the year before is not falling but rising, which shows their investment enthusiasm after the earthquake was not diminished but enhanced.

5. 2008 China Sport Show unveiled in Chengdu
On December 4th, the 2008 China Sport and Tourism Expo and 2008 China International Sporting Goods Show (Winter) co-sponsored by the State Administration of Sports, State Administration of Tourism and China Sporting Goods Federation was opened in Chengdu.

6. From January to October, 90% of Chengdu’s foreign investment centered in services industry
The service industry has become the absolute main force of Chengdu for attracting foreign investment. On December 5th, the journalist learned from the municipal bureau of commerce that, according to the statistics of Ministry of Commerce, Chengdu has introduced 169 foreign-invested services projects from January to October this year, with the contractual foreign investment of 4.18 billion US dollars, up 102.9% year-on-year, representing 89.4% of the total contracted foreign capital of the whole city, while the utilized foreign capital amounts to 2.02 billion US dollars, up 184.9%, representing 94.5% of the city’s total actually utilized foreign capital.

7. International Cooperation Summit for Asia-Pacific CEOs & Provincial Governors and Mayors held in Chengdu

The highest-level conference to promote the exchange and cooperation between multinational CEOs and local governors in Asia-Pacific region – the fourth International Cooperation Summit for Asia-pacific CEOs & Provincial Governors and Mayors was inaugurated in Chengdu on December 8th, which was sponsored by Asia-pacific CEO Association, a famous international economic organization, and Chengdu People’s Government. Taking actual action to participate in the post-disaster reconstruction and economic and social development of Sichuan and accelerate its construction into a western economic highland was the focal point of discussion of this event.

It is reported that the summit’s theme is “Asia-pacific Cooperation, and Global Wining”, and over 500 people have taken part in the conference, including renowned international political leaders, local government officials, and entrepreneurs of Fortune Global 500 companies and of Forbes 2000 companies, famous foreign and domestic companies chief officials, international economists, as well as outsourcing services suppliers and providers.

8. Jinjiang district became one of top 100 ecological tourist zones
During the second China Tourism Forum, Chengdu’s Jinjiang district was selected by the organizing committee of the forum as one of the “top 100 ecological tourist zones of China”, the journalist learnt recently.

9. Aiding construction in Pengzhou, Fujian planning to invest 3 billion yuan in 3 years
Within 3 years, the province of Fujian plans to invest 3 billion yuan (including local fiscal revenue and social donations), to aid the post-disaster reconstruction of Pengzhou. Fujian will build 89 projects within 3 years to aid Pengzhou. At present, Fujian has already 26 projects started in Pengzhou. It is estimated that all aiding projects will be constructed in the first half of next year, and be completed and put into use within 3 years.

10. NEC to build two laboratories in Chengdu
On December 9th, NEC Information System (China) Co., Ltd donated to the UESTC and Chengdu Transport School the production management software EXPLANNER-AD, of total worth close to 5 million yuan, to build in Chengdu two ERP (EXPLANNER-AD) laboratories for manufacturing industry, for the purpose of cultivating modern talents applying information technology into management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

11.Total investment of 700 million yuan, Pengdu scientific park project settled in Qingbaijiang
On December 10th, Shenzhen Zhongpeng Investment Co., Ltd signed an agreement with Qingbaijiang district on the project of Pengdu Scientific Park with total investment of 700 million yuan.

12. 60th National Pharmacy fair held in Chengdu
On December 11th, the three-day 60th PHARMCHINA, International Technology Expo of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 2008 China Drug Store Show were held ceremoniously in Chengdu.

It is introduced that there were nearly 2,000 company exhibitors and over 100,000 professional participants, and the exhibition area reached 65,000 square meters, with nearly 3,000 booths, exhibiting all sectors of pharmacy from R&D, production, operation to services.

13.Philippines to set up consulate general in Chengdu, consulates adding up to 8
The Chinese government and the government of Philippines have come to an agreement to set up a consulate general of Philippines in Chengdu, learnt the journalist on December 11th from Sichuan Provincial Foreign Affaires Office. So far, the number of foreign consulates in Chengdu has reached 8, after Shanghai and Guangzhou.

14.Zoellick: 510 million US dollars provided by World Bank for seismic disastrous areas in Sichuan to be approved soon
On December 14th, Zoellick, President of the World Bank came to visit the seismic disastrous areas in Sichuan, and he expressed that the loan of 510 million US dollars provided by the World Bank for earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan would be approved by the directorate in next January.

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