Want A Finance Job in China? Apply to the CBRC

Friday, December 19, 2008 0:45
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For those of you who are willing to eat a little bitterness and gain some great experience and connections, the CBRC may have an opportunity for you.

Looking to stock their pond, China’s Banking Regulatory Commission is now looking to hire for 15 positions:

  • Financial crisis study
  • News collecting
  • Financial innovation supervision
  • Wealth management supervision
  • Derivatives supervision
  • Market risk supervision
  • Macro economy analysis
  • Consolidated supervision
  • Financial innovation supervision
  • Banking Supervision
  • Banking Supervision
  • Consolidated supervision
  • Industry analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Wealth management and innovation supervision
  • Off-site supervision
  • Innovation supervision
  • IT risk supervision
  • Risk supervision (prudential regulatory policy task force)
  • International finance study (macro economy and prudential supervision task force)
  • Regulatory regime study (General supervision task force)

The email is blunt on the issue of pay:

The salary and remuneration may not be competitive, especially when compared with commercial institutions. But we have a very dynamic working environment and outstanding staff members

For those who are interested, send me an email. I am not in a place to upload the files, but the entire package is in English (a clear sign they are open to non-Chinese nationals) and I’ll be happy to forward.

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One Response to “Want A Finance Job in China? Apply to the CBRC”

  1. Jacky Rong says:

    December 23rd, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Dear Sir / Madam:

    I was interested to see your job posting on this web site to work for CBRC.

    Being a financial analyst at a global investment bank and a CFA charted holder are my primary career goals.

    To me, mathematics is second-nature. And I have long held a particular interest in finance. While working at HSBC, I have worked with colleagues and clients in gathering data, developing creative solutions, and satisfying client expectations.

    I have an extensive knowledge of financial analysis, including quantitative methods, financial statements, derivative investment, portfolio management, and corporate finance.

    With my mathematical expertise and my enthusiasm for finance, I can assure CBRC of a valuable impact on your financial operations.

    I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about this position.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jacky Rong