Jan 5 CNBC Interview: China’s Prospects for 2009

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 18:18
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Next Monday morning, at 7:30 (arg), I will be speaking with Martin Soong and his collegues about China’s economic prospects for 2009.

A HUGE topic for 5-7 minutes, I have begun to form my cliffnotes for my time, and I wanted to see what thought you all had for China 2009 as many of you are operating in areas that I am not and will certainly have your views.

Where I would like to guide the discussion a bit is in the following areas:

1) What role does China have in correctly the current imbalances?

2) What will be the growth rate for 2009 and where will the growth come from?

3) If China took an approach to protect its economy first, what steps would be taken?

4) Will China be able to spur domestic consumption, and if so, would that save the global economy?

5) Where are China’s most exposed joints, and where are the tipping points?  what is hiding in the shadows?

6) What sectors offer the most opportunity for foreign firms to participate in the new China?

7) What sectors / geographies offer the most interesting plays for China firms looking to buy global revenue and distribution streams?

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