Chengdu Investment News: January 3, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009 8:07
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1. Chengdu remaining top among second-tier and third-tier cities which garnered most attention from American companies
The 2008 China Commercial Report published on December 17th by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, which took a survey on 238 American companies operating in China, shows that among the second-tier and third-tier cities, Chengdu continues to be the most attractive investment destination to American companies, and following it are Dalian, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Wuxi.

2. Xindu became national demonstration zone for food security
On December 16th, Xindu district passed the appraisement of the concerned experts from the State Food and Drug Administration, and became Chengdu’s first national demonstration zone for food security.

3. Chengdu chosen as annual brand city
At the “Sina•2008 Network Grand Ceremony” held in Beijing on December 19th, Chengdu was granted the honor of the “Brand City” of the year 2008.

4. Investing 1.5 billion yuan, five-star “Magnate” settled in Xindu
On December 20th, the Regal Hotel invested with 1.5 billion yuan by Sihai International Group and Hong Kong Regal International Hotel Group in the Generation City Cultural Creative Commercial Park was started construction in Xindu district, Chengdu, which will be the first five-star hotel settled in Xindu.

5. Oracle collaborating with Southwest Jiaotong University to build a laboratory of management informationization
On December 22nd, the “Laboratory and Teaching & Researching Center of Management Informationization of Southwest Jiaotong University – Oracle” was officially established in Southwest Jiaotong University, which, through the cooperation of both sides on such fields as professional courses, teaching research and talent cultivation, will serve in the construction of railway informationization to upgrade the modern management level of the railway sector.

6. Investing 600 million yuan, Pinsheng to build southwest digital production base
On December 25th, the “Pinsheng Technological Industrial Park” project invested by Guangdong Pinsheng Electronics Co. Ltd with 600 million yuan was settled in the Chengdu Cross-straits Technological Industry Park, with the signing ceremony held grandly in Wenjiang district. It is reported that the project after completion will fill the gap of the manufacturing of digital products in southwestern regions, becoming the only research and production base of digital battery, digital storage facilities and related IT products in Southwest China. The project, covering an area of 200 mou and capable of absorbing over 2,000 employees, will be started soon.

7. Qingyang became China’s first modern demonstration zone of urban comprehensive transportation
On December 26th, the China Academy of Transportation Sciences officially designated Qingyang district as the country’s first Demonstration Zone of Modern Urban Comprehensive Transportation. As an exploration and experiment of smooth transportation, from now on, Qingyang district will put forward a series of whole new measures such as parking management, public transportation and road building, which are expected to be popularized in the entire Chengdu after its successful trial.

8. First direct flight from Chengdu to Taipei succeeded
At 13:30, December 26th, the flight 3U8977 of Sichuan Airlines, bearing on the airplane the eight big characters “Beauty in Sichuan, love linking two straits”, took off from the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, flying directly to the Precious Island Taiwan, which is the first direct flight from Chengdu, Sichuan to Taiwan.

It is reported that after the premier flight, Sichuan Airlines will employ the Airbus A320 to execute the Chengdu – Taipei cross-strait return flights at the fixed time every Friday.

9. Biggest garment industrial park in Pengzhou invested with nearly 6.7 billion yuan started construction
On December 28th, the Sichuan Shengtai Industrial Park project co-invested by clothing-making companies from Sichuan, Fujian and Zhejiang provinces was started in the Pengzhou Industrial Development Zone. The industrial park invested with nearly 6.7 billion yuan, will be the biggest garment industrial park of Pengzhou, which will form into a textile-clothing industrial cluster of a certain scale in 3 to 5 years.

10. Chengdu’s Red Star 35 Cultural Creative Industrial Park opened
The opening ceremony of the “Red Star 35” Cultural Creative Industrial Park as well as the International Creative Life Works Exhibition of “Creation•You•Life” were held in the Red Star 35 on December 28th. It is introduced that the industrial park is the first cultural creative industrial park in the western regions in a real sense, with so far over 20 famous domestic creative organizations settled in.

11. French Games Company’ first university professional club settled in UESTC
One of the world’s biggest games products developer – French games company VIRTUOS recently signed an agreement with the student innovation and business creation center of the Computer College•Software Institute of the University of Electric Science and Technology of China, to build collaboratively in the school the “VIRTUOS Professional Club” in order to cultivate high-level talents aiming to be engaged in the amusement games industry, learnt the journalist on December 28th. It is reported that it is VIRTUOS’s first professional club set up in a higher learning institution in the world.

12. Luodai received in glory title of “Famous historical and cultural town of China”
Approved by the State Council, Luodai ancient town of Longquanyi district was designated by the State as “China famous historical and cultural town” of the fourth batch of the country, informed by the district on December 28th. It is introduced that it is the third national-level honorable title the town has obtained this year after having been granted successively by the State the titles of “National Demonstration Base of Cultural Industry” and “Folk Culture and Art Village of China”, and it is also the first Hakka ancient town in China having received in glory the title “famous historical and cultural town of China”.

13. Investing 1.6 billion yuan, Chengdu to build national digital storage center and information anti-disaster base
The national digital storage center and national information anti-disaster base were formally settled in Chengdu: the GDS Chengdu Digital Center project, of total investment reaching 1.6 billion yuan and an important project of Chengdu for the construction of communications center, was started with the ground-breaking ceremony held grandly in the Chengdu High-tech Zone on December 30th.

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