Yangtze River Port Profiles: Coming Soon

Sunday, January 4, 2009 19:14
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For the last several months, I have been wrapping up what has been perhaps the most prolonged personal research project I have had, a comprehensive study of the Yangtze River and its ports.

If began as an interest over 3 years ago as I worked to develop a number of second tier cities, peaked through several projects related to the river, and culminated when I began to see the ever increasing importance of the river as a trade medium.

Going back a year to the post,   , the activity on the Yangtze river has in many ways  grown to support China’s growth, but more interestinly to me, it is through the growth of the Yangtze that I blieve true economic balance can be achieved.

That through its 25 major trading ports, the Yangtze’s improving infrastructure will enable and catalyze economic investment in China’s hinterland on a level unseen before.

Areas like Ma’anShan, Yibin, and Yichang will all grow from bulk trading ports to ports that will service growing economic development zones.  Wuhan will regain its status as China’s logistics hub through the convergence of north-south / east-west  transportation modes, and it would help China’s major shipping firms grow in competitive strength as they leveraged their positions along the river and moved boxes to Long Beach through their own systems.

So, stay tuned.  I have 25 profiles coming up, and I hope you will enjoy them.

For those of you who would be interested in sponsoring this report, please feel free to contact me directly at rbrubaker (@) Chinasdp.com.

I still have full page and half page listings available, and with past reports being downloaded/ distributed to more than 5,000+, I offer competitive rates.

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