Tianjin Investment News: January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009 18:35
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Recently, Living in TEDA— A Guidebook for Expats was officially released as one of TEDA’s twelve deeds to further improve local investment environment in 2008.

This book was edited by the TEDA Foreign Affairs Bureau to provide a more complete information package so that foreign citizens can enjoy live, work and study in TEDA more cozily and conveniently. It includes must-know about TEDA, life information, emergency response, entry and exit procedures for foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan citizens, education, medical service, taxation, foreign-related associations and communities in TEDA, practical information, directory of useful telephone numbers and contact means of foreign-related government agencies.

To present the best possible investment and living environment to foreign citizens in TEDA, the TEDA Administrative Commission has made improving expat-related service one of the twelve deeds for the region’s investment environment promotion efforts in 2008. In nearly one year’s time, thanks to the joint efforts of various agencies and people in TEDA, this task has been finished. A more expat-friendly TEDA will surely be better prepared for the future international exchanges and cooperation, help facilitate local investment promotion work, and uplift our international competitiveness.

To download the Guidebook, Please log on to www.investteda.org.

Recently, a ceremony was held in TEDA for Tianjin Shuangwei Phamaceutical Co. Ltd to celebrate obtaining the authorizaton of the invention patent of blood substitute engineering technology and the establishment of its demonstration commercialization base.

The company is funded by Tianjin Meichen Real Estate Development Company and uses the patented technology of Tianjin Xiehe biotechnolgy Development Co.Ltd & Insititute. The company registered capital of 15 million yuan for its first phase for the development of blood substitutes for first aid and clinical treatment and the R&D of new anti-shock drugs. The company is going to put in capital of 100 to 200 million yuan to realize annual output value of 500 million yuan to one billion yuan.

Hydroxyethyal starch, a kind of plasma substitute, is one of mainstream products, which are safe and effective, occupying 70% of the overseas plasma substitute market and over 80% of the domestic market. It is mainly used for injuries or emergency treatment for shock caused by losing too much blood, for increasing blood circulation capacity during big operations, exchange of blood plasma, or used for extracorporal circulation in breast operations or the treatment of microcirculation disorder in obstructive diseases. It is also of the Chinese Center for Medical Emergency Response. This drug has a wide range of application and large market demand. It also has vast potential for export, because most of the African and Asian countries need to import it. In China, it is expected that more than 200 million bottles of hydroxyethyal starch ( valued at roughly 200 million yuan) are needed for clinical use. (Tr.by Liu Xiaojing)

Huawei Marine Networks recently held its plate-unveiling ceremony in Renaissance TEDA Hotel.

Started up in 1988, Huawei Technologies is a leading supplier of telecom solutions globally whose business covers mobile, broadband, IP, optic network, value-added telecom services, and terminal. This future-oriented giant has the first-mover advantage to offer competitive communications solutions and services home and abroad. In 2007, its actual sales revenue hit 12.56 billion dollars with a net profit of 674 million dollars in 2007. Its world ranking is number five among all telecom equipment manufacturers.

Since late 2007, Huawei has began negotiation with the British marine engineering firm, Global Marine Systems, to explore submarine optic fiber business and entered into a joint venture, namely, the Huawei Marine Network Co., Ltd. in TEDA. With a phase-I investment of 40 million dollars and a registered capital of 20 million dollars (to be increased to 40 million within one year), the new arm is expected to serve as a base for global project management, R&D, procurement, marketing, testing and maintenance. It is expected to have 30% of global market share and contracted sales revenue of 500 million dollars by 2010. (Tr. By Zhang Shanshan)

The TEDA Administrative Commission signed a cooperative agreement with the Tianjin Industry & Commerce Administration Bureau to set up the Tianjin Industry & Commerce Information Application Center (also known as the Tianjin Industry & Commerce Information & Data Backup Center) quiet recently in TEDA.

According to the agreement, the two sides will integrate, process, and develop data from enterprises in Tianjin and across the country to provide governments of all levels, enterprises and individual citizens with a platform for the inquiry, search, collection and analysis of enterprise-related information. Also, they agreed to jointly push forward the building of a categorized credit supervision system towards enterprises in the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA). In the future, credit records of enterprises in TEDA will be included into a categorized credit supervision database which covers enterprises nationwide. This pioneering program will not only help TEDA generate its own credit safety net but also facilitate similar practice of Tianjin.

Recently, TEDA inked a cooperation agreement with Creation Win Internaitonal Limited on its surface treatment project in the TEDA Investment Service Center.

Creation Win International Limited is the holding company of Shougu Surface Treatment. Shougu Surface Treatment is the largest surface treatment busienss in Taiwan and has set up facilities in both Shenzhen and Shanghai, mainly engaging in surface treatment of the electronic components of PCs, handsets, cars, digital cameras, LED and telecommunication products connectors, etc. It has a capacity of handling 75 billion pieces every year and registered output value of 360 million yuan in 2007.

The company plans to invest in a surface treatment project which plates gold, nickel, copper, tin and plaadium-nickle alloy on electronic connectors of computers, handsets, cars, digital cameras and LED, etc. Total investment of the project amounts to $ 13 million and registered capital $5.5 million. It occupies land area of thirty Mu and floor space of 13,500 m². Upon launching production, it is expected to churn out annual sales income of 150 million yuan, annual sales profit of 23 million yuan and annual tax payable of 6.5 million yuan. (Tr. by Liu Xiaojing)

The TEDA Administrative Commission and Mizuho (China) Tianjin Branch recently signed a long-term training agreement at the TEDA Investment Service Center.

The agreement provides that TEDA will periodically select and send long-time financial practitioners with proficient Japanese language skills to Mizuho for three or six-month training programs. The first two trainees will begin training from January next year. The training will cover financial industry know-how, modern service theory, Japanese corporate culture, etc.

In June, 2007, the Mizuho Bank (China) Co., Ltd. was officially commenced. In July the same year, its Tianjin Branch, also the first Chinese branch of Mizuho, settled down in TEDA, which made Mizuho the first foreign bank to have a branch in TEDA.

Recently, funded by Dongfang Steam Turbine Works as a major wind system project, the Dongfang Electric (Tianjin) Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. held a ground-breaking ceremony in TEDA West.

The Dongfang Steam Turbine Works, an affiliation of the Dongfang Electric Group,is a big state-owned enterprise engaged in the research, design and manufacturing of power equipments. This 568-million-yuan investment in TEDA West will focus on the R&D and production of wind turbine generator system. Upon completion, the facility is supposed to produce 600 units of 1.5 mega-watt wind turbine and 200 units of 2.5 mega-watt wind turbine. (Tr. By Zhang Shanshan)

To further expand domestic and international market share, Rohm Semiconductor (China) Co.Ltd. obtained the approval of the NDRC and finished registration formalities for investment increase of $ 1.8 million (7.9 billion Yen) for large scale IC production line. Currently Rohm China has invested in total $ 319 million, and with registered captial standing at $125 million, the company is the largest business in the Micro-electronics Industrial Park of TEDA.

The Japan-based Rohm Group, a famous semiconductor R&D player and producer, was established in 1958. The company possesses the most advanced technology in the R&D and production of IC products and has gained recognination on the global market, thanks to the variety and uniqueness of her products. In addition, Rohm boasts cutting-edge technology in the production of electronics components such as semiconductor laser, light emitting diodes, sensors, laser print heads and thermal print heads, LCD, diodes, transistors and occupying large percentage of market share. The company is a major supplier to leading IT players such as Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Hitachi, Motorola, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsang. Rohm now has set up two production bases in Tianjin and Dalian, three sales branches and ten representitive offices. The Tianjin facility occupies land area of 110,000 m². Land of 60,000 m²has already been developed and factory buildings of 42,000 m²and R&D base of 12,000 m²have been set up.

Rohm now employs 1,900 staff in the Micro-electronics Park and registered output value of 1.4 billion yuan in 2007 and 1.16 billion yuan in the first eleven month of this year. Upon the launching of its new IC production line, the Tianjin facility is going to utilize the most cutting-edge technology of its parent company and increase production of 20 million electronic products. (Tr. by Liu Xiaojing)

Recently, the TEDA Bonded Logistics Center was approved by the General Administration of Customs,the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Taxation, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

By concept, a bonded logistics center refers to a customs surveillance place as approved by the General Administration of Customs that is specially undertaken by one legal person and operated by several enterprises within the territory of China to undertake business operations of bonded warehousing logistics. It is allowed to store bonded import and export goods, goods that haven’t gone through the customs clearance, and engage in simple distribution processing and value-added service, global procurement, international distribution, entrepot trade, and international relay.

The Bonded logistics center of TEDA is a new logistics entity apart from the special customs surveillance places such as the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (TPFTZ), Export Processing Zone (EPZ), bonded logistics park, bonded port, comprehensive bonded area, and bonded customs surveillance forms such as bonded warehouse and export surveillance warehouse. It will serve as an integral and dynamic part of Tianjin’s comprehensive bonded logistics system. So far, Tianjin is recognized to have the most diversified customs surveillance, most functional and most trade-friendly region in China.

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