Chengdu Investment News: March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009 9:55
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1. Selection of active cities for private economy of China, Wenjiang won two honors
The “second China City Private Economy Activity Research Result Release and China Private Economy Active City Summit” were held in Beijing on February 15th, with 436 counties (cities) from across the country coming to compete for the honored title. By right of its fine soft and hard investment environment, Wenjiang district picked up the two laurel titles “China County (City) of Most Potential for Private Economy” and “China County (City) of Premier Investment Choice for Private Economy”.

2. Municipal bureau of industry and commerce first released 2008 report on development of foreign-invested companies in Chengdu
On February 16th, the Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau first released the 2008 report of Chengdu on market main body development of foreign-invested companies. It is learnt that the recent three years have seen a tendency of growth, according to last year’s three major indexes of total foreign investment, registered capital and foreign subscribed capital, with an increase rate of around 50% in 2008.

3. Chengdu-Lanzhou railroad primarily scheduled to be constructed on Saturday, four hours travel to Lanzhou
The most concerned Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway project had primarily been confirmed to be put into construction on 21st, learnt the journalist on February 17th from Chengdu railway department. It is the second railroad project to be constructed in Sichuan this year, after the second line of the Suining-Chongqing railway. According to the current planning, 20 stations will be newly built or rebuilt along the Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway, which, upon completion, will be an important northern-bound passage of Chengdu going out of Sichuan, as it takes two hours from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou station, and 4 hours to Lanzhou station, and which will end the history of no railroads in the northwestern region of Sichuan.

4. Investment attraction plan for automobile industrial chain released to complete three industrial chains
As Chengdu’s first industry cluster most liked to reach the one-hundred-billion-yuan target, the automobile industry has an extremely important place in the overall industrial development of the city, and it is also one of the four key industries for the investment promotion this year. The 2009 Investment Attraction Plan for Automobile Industry formulated and distributed recently by the Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission explicitly puts forward the task this year of mainly extending and completing the three industrial chains with a certain basis of cars, trucks and buses by attracting “leaders” to bring “accessories” or by assembling “accessories” to draw “leaders”.

5. Suning’s new logistics base ensured to be settled in Longquanyi
After the successful operation of the three large-scale modernized logistics bases in Nanjing, Beijing and Hangzhou, the new logistics base of Suning Appliance is placed in Chengdu. On February 18th, Suning Appliance’s large-scale logistics base project in Sichuan was confirmed formally to be settled in Longquanyi. Covering an area of 130 mou and to built with the industry-leading third generation technical standard, the center is planned to be completed within the future two years, and by then, it will become the biggest electrical appliance distribution center and professional training center in Sichuan

6. Pixian’s “opening door success”, 18 projects signed together with investment of 8.2 billion yuan
Pixian county welcomed its “opening door success” in the “project breakthrough year”. On February 18th, 18 projects ranging from industry, modern service sector to modern agriculture were signed collectively with a total investment of 8.28 billion yuan.

7. Accenture’s Global Delivery Service Center to be settled in Chengdu
In consideration of such advantages as sound investment environment, rich human resources and high-efficient governmental service of the Chengdu High-tech Zone, Accenture, world-leading management consulting, technical service and outsourcing organization and a Fortune Global 500 company, signed an investment agreement with the Chengdu High-tech Zone on February 18th, planning to set up the Accenture Global Delivery Center of Chengdu. After its establishment, the center will become one of the bases of Accenture’s global delivery network, engaging mainly in business process outsourcing, application system outsourcing, technical basic structure outsourcing as well as system integration service.

8. Chengdu has condition to become world-class ecological model city
After from February 16th to 18th the three-day comprehensive checking investigation on Chengdu, the National Garden City’s reexamination expert group gave a full affirmation on the garden construction of the city, and highly praised the important role played by the afforestation of the city gardens, the urban afforestation system scientifically reconstructed after the disaster as well as the beautiful scenery of clean waters and greenwoods around the city, following the magnitude earthquake of May 12th; “Chengdu has the condition to become a world-class ecological model city”.

At the end of 2006, the city obtained the title of “National Garden City”. At present, the city has the green area ratio of 35.06%, the afforestation coverage of over 38% and an average per person of public garden green area having reached 10.64 square meters.

9. preparing for national network TV station, whose R&D center to be located in Chengdu, subsidiary of the China Central Television, is pushing the “National Network TV Station”, and its core technical R&D base has been confirmed to be located in Chengdu, which is in the charge of the local IT elite to develop a new technical platform applicable to the integrated development of television and network, learnt the journalist on February 19th.

10.West China’s biggest urban complex of total investment of 8 billion yuan settled in Jinniu
The “Chengdu Jinniu City Square” project with total investment as much as 8 billion yuan has entered into the actual execution stage. On February 20th, Jinniu district and Dalian Wanda Group signed an agreement ceremoniously. It is reported that after the completion of the project, the “Chengdu Jinniu City Square” will become a biggest urban complex in West China, and the block of Renmin Bei Road will also be developed into a high-end commercial and business center. At the same time, the execution of the project plays an important driving role as well in Jinniu district’s pushing the old city reconstruction, upgrading the city’s image and building a new urban center.

11. Southwest China’s biggest agricultural science innovation base kicked off in Xindu
According to the introduction of Xindu district, the project “Experimental Base of Sichuan Academy of Agriculture and China Agricultural Science Southwest Innovation Center” – Southwest China’s biggest agricultural science innovation center – has been started in the district. It is learnt that the project covering an area of 2,526 mou and invested with 2 billion yuan, is a key project in 2009 Chengdu has fixed. Estimated to be constructed in full scale next month, the project is predicted to be built within 2 years into China’s first-rate edible (medicinal) fungi deep processing base, fruit seed and flower production base, environment-friendly vegetable industrial base, farm crop seed industrial base, bio-pesticide and fertilizer production base, and a R&D center of agricultural products deep processing as well as an agricultural science consultation center.

12. Increasing speed of Chengdu’s industrial economy last year ranked second among deputy-provincial cities
Last year, Chengdu’s full-aperture industry increased by 19.9%, ranking the second among the deputy-provincial cities in China, two places superior than the year before last, while the third industry showed an obvious rebounding trend despite the impact from the earthquake, learnt the journalist on February 24th from the municipal statistical investigation working conference.

13. Intel Shanghai factory to be moved in batches to Chengdu within the year
On February 26th, Ge Honglin, vice secretary of Chengdu CPC committee and mayor, met Robin Martin, general manager of Intel Global Encapsulation, and his group in Chengdu.

It is learnt that Intel released its adjusted operation plan for its production in China earlier this month: in order to optimize the productive resources in China, Intel is planning to incorporate its package testing factory situated in Shanghai Pudong into the Chengdu factory in the future 12 months so as to further expand the production scale in Chengdu. The Chengdu factory after the capacity expansion will assume a more important task of encapsulation and testing, including for Intel’s core product mobile CPU.

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