Chengdu Investment News: March 17, 2008

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 6:26
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1. Chengdu National School to open in September
Chengdu is constructing an international school, specializing in serving the children of foreign expatriates working in the city, learnt the journalist on February 19th. It is reported that the “Chengdu International School” invested with approximately 180 million yuan broke earth at the end of last year, and will be operational in September this year.

2. CaterPillar to build Western Reproduction Center in Longquanyi
The project of the Western Technical Support & Reproduction Center invested with 25 million US dollars in total by CaterPillar, the world’s biggest mechanical engineering company, was signed and settled in Longquanyi district on February 27th. The project will start construction in March, and is estimated to be finished and put into production within 12 months, capable to generate sales revenue of over 1.2 billion yuan.

3. Chengdu-Abai industrial development zone’s first project signed
On March 6th, the first investment project of the Chengdu-Aba Industrial Development Zone was officially signed, marking the formal kick-off of the construction of the industrial zone, as well as the actual step taken by the two areas for the cooperative building. The project invested by Sichuan Yongfa Construction Engineering Group with 210 million yuan and covering 100 mou, will set up new-type production lines for building materials such as the auto heat retaining material, and the output value can reach 300 million yuan and taxation more than 8 million yuan annually after the attainment of the full production potential. The first phase of the project is expected to be finished and put into operation within the year.

4. Invested with 570 million yuan, 500 kv. Longquan power transmission and transformation project started construction
The 500 kilovolt Longquan power transmission and transformation project with total investment as much as 570 million yuan was formally put into construction on March 6th. As an important part of Chengdu’s 500 kilovolt double-loop network, the substation after being put into service will fully form the “electric power freeway” of the double-loop network of Chengdu power system, fully guaranteeing the reliability of electricity consumption in Chengdu. According to the construction plan of the Chengdu power system, 47 substations of 110 kilovolt or above will be built within the year, in order to meet the daily-growing need of electricity use in the urban areas of Chengdu and to promote the rapid development of the economic society.

5. Chengdu tourists able to fly direct to Pakistan end of the month, less than 6 hours
China’s biggest airline company – Air China’s building of the Chengdu hub is gradually advanced. According to the summer-autumn flight schedule to be applied from the end of this month, an international joint flight will be added in Chengdu: adjusting the air route of Beijing-Urumchi-Karachi (round) to that of Beijing-Chengdu-Karachi (round), learnt the journalist on March 6th. It is learnt that the Karachi flight course will be the first direct line from Chengdu to Pakistan, which means starting from the end of this month, tourists in Chengdu could take flights flying directly to the South Asia.

6. 500 million yuan, China’s biggest output “feed mill” in operation in Wenjiang
Invested with 500 million yuan, Chengdu Phoenix Feed Company’s “R&D and production base of the 600,000-ton fishery buoyant puffed feed” was put into operation on March 7th in the Cross-straits Technological Industry Park in Wenjiang district, which is so far the biggest output project with a single plant in China.

7. Chengdu’s first important foreign-invested industrial project settled in Qingbaijiang
On March 9th, Chengdu’s first important foreign-invested industrial project of this year – the ecological house project of Ding Xin International Capital InnoVida was officially signed and settled in Qinbaijiang district.
InnoVida’s ecological house project is the first project of American InnoVida Group Co., Ltd. in cooperation with China, with the first phase investment of 28 million US dollars, and will grow into an annual productivity of 18 million square meters of building board materials after its completion and production are fully met; an output value of 4 billion yuan will be generated annually, and products can be applied in the post-disaster reconstruction and new village building.

8. National Badminton training base settled in Shuangliu
The National Badminton Training Base has been settled in Shuangliu county, covering an area of 100 mou, learnt the journalist on March 9th from the New Bureau of Culture and Sports of the county.

9. FAW-VW purchased Chengdu Faw, Jetta and Sagitar to be made in Chengdu
China FAW Group Corporation has recently listed for cession 100% shares of the Chengdu FAW Automobile Co., Ltd., learnt the journalist on March 10th from the information platform of the Tianjin Property Right Exchange Center. The buyer of the Chengdu FAW is FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd., verified the journalist, which, after the purchase, will establish the Chengdu branch company of FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd., to produce mass-brand type vehicles such as Jetta and Sagitar. According to the plan, the annual output of the Chengdu branch will reach 350,000 cars by 2014.

10. Invested with 30 million yuan, green tea project now put into production
Recently, the green tea production project invested by Sichuan Luhua Tea Industry Co., Ltd. with 30 million yuan was formally finished and put into production in the Industrial Development Zone of Pujiang County. It is reported that it is the fourth over-ten-million yuan industrial project to have been completed in Pujiang at the beginning of this year, corresponding to the working demand of stopping the economic sliding, accelerating development, and promoting project construction.

11. Chongzhou signed 1.55-billion-yuan orders in Shanghai promotion conference
On March 9th, Chongzhou city held in Shanghai the “2009 Shanghai Introduction and Promotion Conference of Chongzhou – Searching Opportunity in Danger”, and the Chongzhou Development Industrial Zone signed on the spot with 5 companies the investment framework agreements, with total investment of 1.55 billion yuan.

12. National-level Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone developing explosively
According to the 2008 notification of major economic indexes of national economic and technological economic zones, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone has realized total industrial output value (current price) of 30.08 billion yuan, up 118.8% year-on-year, industrial added value of 11.86 billion yuan, up 156.7% year-on-year, tax revenue of 3.81 billion yuan, up 349.8% year-on-year, and industrial sales revenue of 34.33 billion yuan, up 157% year-on-year, whose increase scales of the abovementioned four indexes all ranked first among the 54 national-level economic and technological development zones throughout China.

13. Top forty emerging commercial real estate cities of China: Chengdu ranking first
On March 11th, Jones Lang LaSalle published in Shanghai its newest research report The Top Forty Emerging Cities of China, providing strategic references for property lessees, investors and developers who are ready to look at the markets beyond the first-tier cities.

It is learnt that among the second-tier cities in the phase of growth are Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Dalian, Nanjing, Jiangsu, Xiamen, Wuxi, Qingdao, Dongwan and Ningbo.

14. Investing 1.5 billion yuan to build West China’s biggest auto part trading & logistics center
On March 12th, West China’s biggest international automobile parts trading and logistics center – Sichuan Jinhengde International Automobile Parts Trading & Logistics City commenced construction in Shuangliu. The auto part trading & logistics city is invested with 1.5 billion yuan and has total construction floor of nearly 300,000 square meters, capable to contain over 3,000 merchant stations and provide more than ten thousand job pos

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