Chengdu Investment News: April 2, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009 8:18
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1. Boer Group building industrial park in Chengdu
On March 16th, the Guangzhou-based Boer Group’s headquarters park situated in the Chengdu Wenjiang Cross-Strait Technological Industry Park was formally completed and put into use. The Boer Group is a famous clothing company in China, representing under its flag renowned Italian brands Raid Boer, Chilaro and Ferrante. The industrial park invested by the group in Chengdu with 120 billion yuan is combined with design, R&D, logistics, production and management, and is another model of creative industries transferred to western regions from costal eastern areas.

2. Southwest China’s most advanced diesel locomotive motor off production line in Chengdu
The Southwest China’s most advanced diesel locomotive motor was successfully off the production line in the Chengdu Locomotive & Vehicle Co. Ltd of China South Locomotive& Rolling Group, learnt the journalist on March 17th. The next step for the motor is to be put into the phase of mass production.

3. SARIO set up branch in Chengdu
On March 17th, the Slovakia Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) came to Chengdu and held an exchange activity entitled “Day of Slovakia” between Chinese and Slovakian companies, searching for the cooperation and bilateral investment opportunities in such fields as IT, energy and automobiles, and the business negotiations with local companies were also carried out.
It is reported that the SARIO set up its first foreign branch in Chengdu at the end of last year, and chose the city as an optimal place for its business promotion activity in China.

4. 28 projects totaling 15 billion yuan in investment, settled in Longquanyi
Taking advantage of the peach flower stanza, on March 18th, first day and inauguration of the Chengdu International Peach Flower Stanza, the investment introduction meeting and project signing ceremony of the Chengdu (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone (Longquanyi) was held, with 28 investment projects signed on the spot, of total agreement investment reaching 15 billion yuan. The signed projects include the manufacture workshop of the “25-meter world-class bus” – Young Man Neoplan top grade coach production base project, and the construction of the national 4A-level scenic spot – Peach Flower Home Village rural tourism resort.

5. Shenzhen-Chengdu face-to-face, nearly ten billion yuan concluded within two and half days
On March 18th, the Shenzhen-Chengdu boosting-domestic-demands trade negotiation conference and Bao’an-Jinniu product sales exhibition which last two and a half day smoothly came to an end. According to the initial statistics, the event has attracted over 6,000 professional buyers, and received general public of over 15,000; the concluded amount of deal attained 9.473 billion yuan, of which purchase projects account for nearly 1/3, investment projects nearly 1/3 and trade projects over 1/3.

6. Total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, three important projects settled in Chengdu on same day
On March 18th, the cooperation project of prime quality potassium nitrate of Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM) and Migao Group, the cement grinding station project of Zhonglian Group and intelligent steel door production project of Sichuan Yixin Investment Company – three important projects of total investment of 1.2 billion yuan were signed simultaneously on the same day and settled in Qingbaijing district, Chengdu.
7. Southwest’s biggest aquatic product breeding base settled in Chongzhou
The construction of the biggest breeding base for aquatic products of the southwest China has been started up in Chongzhou. The project having estimated investment of over 20 million yuan and covering an area of 130 mou, specializes in the production of such rare marine products as sturgeon caviar, China mullet, paddlefish and cauda zander. After its completion within the year, the objective of breeding a large amount of high quality fingerlings locally will be realized in Chengdu.

8. World leisure and entertainment brand Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong to be settled in Jinjiang
On March 19th, Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong Holding Co., Ltd held a grand signing ceremony in the Holiday Inn, announcing Hong Kong Lan Kwei Fong – the world-famous leisure and entertainment brand – formally entered into the Jinjiang district, Chengdu. Lan Kwai Fong Group in the future will devote its efforts to building a world-class catering and bar zone, where assemble high quality brand names from Chengdu locally, across the country and around the world.

9. Last month Chengdu’s trade exportation increased by 97.88% in a shrinking market
Under the extremely severe situation of the foreign trade exportation nationwide, Chengdu, in February of this year, still achieved a high-speed growth in exportation. According to the customs statistics, in February 2009, Chengdu has realized the imports and exports of 980 million US dollars, up 38.93%, of which the exports amount to 634 million US dollars, up 97.88%.

10. Exchanging exhibitions, Moscow and Chengdu Western Shoe Industry established cooperation
On March 23rd, Moscow International Shoes Exhibition Company and West China Shoe Capital Industry Operation Company formally signed an agreement of strategic cooperation, agreeing the two parts will join hands to set up exhibition spaces in the counterpart cities, Chengdu and Moscow, while at the same time to run a long-term operation of branding and to form a combination of production base and exhibition base.

11. Australian Foreign Minister visited Sichuan
Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, at the invitation of Yang Jiechi, counterpart of China, started his four-day official visit to China on March 24th, and visited Sichuan on March 24th to 25th.

This is Stephen Smith’s first visit to China after his assumption of the office as foreign minister, and his first stop was Sichuan. The trip for the Foreign Minister served not only an opportunity to learn about the post-disaster reconstruction of Sichuan, but also an occasion to do the preliminary research work for setting up consulates of Australia in West China.

12. 80th Sugar and Wine Fair closed in Chengdu, with transaction totaling 17.309 billion yuan
On March 28th, the 80th Sugar and Wine Fair was concluded in Chengdu with transactions reaching 17.309 billion yuan, creating a new height in its history, stimulating and enhancing the confidence of the post-earthquake Chengdu and that of the industry of sugar, wine and food of China under the international financial crisis, showing the industry remains a relatively rapid growth, and the post-disaster Chengdu still beautiful and full of vigor and opportunities.

The fair’s scale is unprecedented: total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, breaking the historical record, over 4,000 company exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions such as France, the U.S., Germany, South Korea and Japan, professional visitors of over 160,000.

13. First liquid crystal glass base plate production line to be operational next year in Chengdu
On March 30th, the investment cooperation agreement on the Chengdu project of liquid crystal base plate of Chengdu High-tech Zone – China Building Material Group was signed ceremoniously in Chengdu, which marked the formal “settling down” in the city of the three production lines of 0.5mm liquid crystal glass base plate of total investment of 2.7 billion yuan. It is reported that the settlement of the project will not only perfect the industrial chain of the photoelectric display of Chengdu, but also fill the gap of the production of LC base plates in China

14. Chengdu and German Bonn to tie sister-city relationship
Chengdu will form the sister-city relationship with Bonn, one of the oldest cities in Germany, learnt the journalist on March 30th from the municipal office of foreign affaires. On March 25th, the city council of Bonn formally discussed and approved the forming of the sister-city relationship with Chengdu. To establish such friendly relationship with Bonn is favorable for the improvement of Chengdu’s strategic layout of the sister cities in Europe, so as to further push the construction of a good platform for exchange and cooperation between Chengdu city and Germany.

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