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Saturday, July 11, 2009 7:55
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On May 31, TEDA and ZTE Agribusiness Company Limited inked an investment framework agreement to co-establish the ZTE Agribusiness Tianjin Edible Oil and Bio-energy Industrial Base in the Nangang Industrial Park, with a total investment of 194 million dollars.

The base will be comprised of such projects as a palm oil processing and storage base with an annual output of 900,000 ton, a bio-diesel production base of an annual output of 100,000 ton, a fuel ethanol production base with an annual output of 100,000 ton, an agricultural and bio-technology research institute, a global sales center, etc. After its completion, the base will attain an annual sales income of 6.4 billion yuan and profits of 500 million yuan and contribute tax of nearly 190 million yuan. Besides, the company will regard Tianjin as its base to develop overseas agricultural projects. It plans to invest 880 million dollars in five years to grow crops on 200,000-hectare land abroad and reserve one million-hectare overseas agricultural land in ten years. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

Sibre China recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary by launching a new plant for wind turbine brakes in TEDA.
Set up in 2004 as a joint venture by the Sibre Group from Germany, Sibre Brakes (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has grown into a heavyweight player on the local machinery manufacturing arena in five years. Nationwide, Sibre has expanded its Chinese team from 3 to 60 people in ten years, with sales revenue soaring from 3 million to 300 million in 2008.
Sibre, incorporated in 1958, is the biggest industrial brake producer in Germany and a technological leader in the industry. Its block and disc brakes are now widely applied on port cranes, steel mill cranes, thermal and nuclear power plants, hydro-power plant cranes, wind turbines, belt conveyers, piling machines, and other equipments. (Tr. by Zhang Shanshan)

On June 10th, TEDA Service Outsourcing Park witnessed the grand earth-breaking ceremony for the Starlight China Chip Project R&D Center of Vimicro Electron Corporation.

Set up on December 29th, 2008 and jointly funded by TEDA State-owned Assets Operation Company and Vimicro International Corporation, Vimicro Electronics is a recognized leader in surveillance and digital security industry of the TBNA and a premier supplier of core technologies in security and surveillance market. Its main shareholder, Vimicro, is China’s first NASDAQ-listed chip designer with independent IPR. Supported by the existing competitiveness of Vimicro, the new company has chosen the path of independent innovation from its founding day and devoted itself to the research, development, and

Focusing on the R&D and design of digital video surveillance chips, the R&D Center for Vimicro Electronics’ Starlight China Chip Project will be active in the R&D and application design of high-end surveillance software and systems as well as the R&D, design and assembly of key equipments so as to foster an industry chain for surveillance and digital security. So far, the company has successfully developed a high-capacity telecom-class broadband video surveillance system with independent IPR. As a reliable supplier in China’s information and national security market, it will serve as a technology powerhouse for the country’s surveillance and digital security bases and the entire industry, improve the competitiveness of the core technologies of our information industry, promote the development of related industries, and speed up industrial upgrading.

On June 22, a working meeting was held at the Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel to mark the acceptance of and grant certificate to the TEDA Bonded Logistics Center (Phase I). The joint assessment and acceptance team for the Center was made up of Deputy Director Lv Weihong from the Processing Trade Department of the General Administration of Customs, as well as other three competent officials from the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Ren Xuefeng, Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Huang Shengqiang, Commissioner of Tianjin Customs, Li Peisheng, Vice Director of the General Office of Tianjin Municipal Government, He Shushan, Chairman of TEDA Administrative Commission, Wei Xinping, Vice Commissioner of Tianjin Customs, and Ai Yamin, Vice Chairman of TEDA Administrative Commission attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the team and officials from related authorities visited the Center for a field inspection. The team seriously evaluated the Center before announcing it has passed the joint acceptance check by four state ministries. Chairman He Shushan received the Acceptance Certificate on behalf of TEDA Administrative Commission from Lv Weihong, the head of the team.

Located to the north of the Ninth Avenue, the Center (Phase I) is planned to cover 220,000 square meters. Now a 30,000-square-meter warehouse is already operational and another 50,000 square meters of warehouse will be put into use by the end of 2009.

commodities that are yet to go through customs clearance. It may also carry out simple distribution processing and value-added services on the stored goods, as well as international sourcing, distribution, delivery, re-export trade, relay trade, and other international logistics services authorized by the customs. Its unique logistics functions and export refund incentives may facilitate the flow of finished or semi-finished products among intensive processing enterprises and therefore save the trouble of “export and re-import”. Moreover, as an ideal platform for international distribution, delivery, sourcing and relay, it will effectively help enterprises expand new business, cut logistics cost, and uplift logistics efficiency.

On May 27, the inauguration ceremony of the Command of the Nangang Industrial Park was held in the Park, opening a new chapter for the construction of the Park. Secretary Li Yong of the Leading Party Group of the TEDA Administrative Commission (TEDA AC), Chairman He Shushan of the TEDA AC, Secretary Zhang Jihe of the CPC Committee of the Dagang District, District Mayor Zhang Zhifang and Executive Vice District Mayor Wang Qiang of the Dagang District Government, Chief Engineer Zhang Lili of Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd., Vice Counselor Wang Kai of the TEDA AC, President Xie Zhiqiang of the TEDA People’s Court, Vice General Manager Mi Xiaochen of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Company Ltd., Chairman Zhou Jingbo of CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., General Manager Zhang Shaohua of CTTD Harbor Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., etc. attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon.

On behalf of the Leading Party Group of the TEDA AC and the TEDA AC (Nangang Industrial Park Administrative Commission), Mr. He Shushan extended his congratulations on the opening of the Command. He said that to develop Nangang was a significant arrangement made by the Tianjin Municipal Government and the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC in view of the long-term development of the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA). To have the TEDA AC to head the development and construction of Nangang showed the Tianjin Municipal Government and Municipal Committee‘s affirmation of the glorious achievement of the TBNA and TEDA and their hope that TEDA will take a new mission and continue to act as a pioneer.

Having been checked and accepted by state authorities, the Center will be allowed to offer bonded warehousing services to import and export commodities as well as According to Mr. He, since the TEDA AC officially took over the task of developing and constructing the Park, under the leadership of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Tianjin Municipal Government, and the TBNA Administrative Commission, with the assistance of other related authorities, the construction of the Park had gone smoothly, and initial progress has been made in the absorption of a series of key projects. All these have laid a good foundation for the future development of the Park. Mr. He hoped that departments of the TEDA AC should take the whole situation into account, extend their services to the Park, actively assisting the Command with its development efforts; all staff members of the Command should strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties and work in a down-to-earth manner so as to make new contribution to the construction of the Park.

The West Zone of TEDA (TEDA West) will celebrate its sixth birthday this July. As a crucial part of the modern manufacturing cluster of the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) and an organic extension of TEDA, it is expected to become an eco-friendly and modernized industrial park no matter by domestic or global standard. Only within six years since its commencement in July, 2003, it has taken on a new look thanks to remarkable progresses in investment promotion. Over 100 foreign and domestic enterprises have already invested 40.2 billion yuan here and 60% of its total planed area, or 30 square kilometers, has been developed or in the process of development.

Currently TEDA West is home to 61 foreign-funded enterprises (involving 15.7 billion yuan of investment) and 50 domestic-funded enterprises (involving 24.5 billion yuan of investment). These incoming projects are marked by larger investment scale, higher competitiveness and better industrial cluster, with a more balanced mix between domestic and foreign capital, and between state-owned and private sectors.

Statistics show that the investment volume of projects in TEDA West averages over 50 million dollars. There are 44 projects with a respective investment of over 10 million dollars, 17 with a respective investment of over 50 million dollars, and 10 with a respective investment of over 100 million dollars. Apart from their sheer size, many new investors in TEDA West are industry heavyweights such as Vestas, a leader in wind power solutions who ranks among the top 10 wind system suppliers with 20% of the global market share, Kennametal, the world’s second largest manufacturer of tungsten carbide, Eramet Alloy, the world’s second largest mold forging supplier for aerospace, aviation and energy sectors, and Nestle Purina Petcare, the biggest pet food producers in the world.

In terms of ownership, projects in TEDA West struck a perfect balance between foreign and domestic capital, and between state-owned and private sectors.State-owned giants are represented by the next-gen carrier rocket project (both for military and civil use) and Dongfang Electric Wind Power Corporation; private giants by Great Wall Motor, Lizhong Wheel, and Green Bio; and foreign projects by Vestas and Kumho.

During its investment promotion, TEDA West focuses on the gathering of advanced industries and has fostered a series of industrial clusters ranging from aerospace, auto to new energy and new materials. Such efforts laid a solid foundation for the future scientific development of the region. The next-gen carrier rocket project will serve as a propeller for the local aerospace industry, just as Great Wall Auto, Tianjin FAW Auto Institute, and AW Automatic Transmission for automotive industry, Vestas, Dongfang Electric Wind Power, and Qingyuan Electric Vehicle for the new energy industry, and Green Bio (a producer of bio-degradable materials) for the new material industry.

In 2009, following the strategy of “Upgrading the East, Accelerating the West while Expanding Southward and Northward”, the TEDA Administrative Commission has speeded up the development of TEDA West. According to the current development efficiency, this region will be filled up with projects by 2015. By 2020, it will initially completed development with all the projects becoming fully operational. By then, as an emerging modern industrial complex of 80,000 permanent residents, 200,000 workers, over 300 billion yuan of industrial output value, and mature industrial structure, TEDA West will serve as a key carrier of the region’s modern sectors such as aerospace, automobile and new energy and shines like a pearl in the economic arena of the TBNA.

To further develop the Tianjin Zhonghuan Industrial Park in the TEDA Microelectronics Industrial Park (TEDA MIP) and meet the demands for accessories of such leading companies as Samsung Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. and Samsung Opto-electronics Co., Ltd., Tianjin Zhonghuan Precision Punching Digital Electronics Ltd., which was co-established by Tianjin Zhonghuan Basic Products Co., Ltd. and some other affiliated companies of Tianjin Zhonghuan Group with 14 million yuan investment, completed its registration and establishment and officially settled down in the TEDA MIP at the beginning of June. As the 25th company of Zhonghuan in the TEDA MIP, the new company will surely improve the industrial chain of cell phones and digital cameras, accelerate the optimization of industrial structures, enhance the potential for further growth, and expand the economic aggregate of the TEDA MIP.

Tianjin Zhonghuan Precision Punching Digital Electronics Ltd. is located on the Weiliu Road of the Microelectronics Industrial Park, with its factory building covering nearly 6,000 m2. The company mainly engages in the production of punching products, particularly the shells of such electronic products as cell phones, digital cameras, etc. Its main clients include multinationals like Samsung Telecom Technology, Samsung Opto-electronics, Yaguang Nypro, etc. At present, the company is the first producer in Tianjin which possesses a very advanced core punching technology. Now the company is renovating its factory building and purchasing equipment. With a plan to start pilot production in the fourth quarter, the company is expected to employ 200 to 300 people and attain an annual output value of 50 million yuan.

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