Chendgu Investment News: July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009 21:03
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1. Chengdu to become foreign-invested financial “fourth city”, with currently 8 foreign invested banks
Recently, the Chengdu branch of Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Limited opened to public, and the number of foreign-capital banks in the city has reached 8. According to the statistics, in counting the JPMorgan Chase and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi which are under preparation, Chengdu will have 10 foreign-invested banks, the number ranking first in western regions and fourth in China, becoming the “fourth city” of foreign-invested finance.

2. “Ranking of Comprehensive competitiveness of Western Economic Development”, Sichuan’s general ranking topped the list
On July 12th, the ranking of the comprehensive competitiveness of West China Economic Development was released, in which Sichuan, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia were list the top three. The conclusion was drawn from the “2009 West China Blue Print: West China Economic Development Report”, which is conducted by the West China economic development research center of the Northwest University.

3. Degree of Chengdu’s integrated urban and rural development reached 65.9%
The 2008 Appraisal and Monitoring Report on the Integrated Urban and Rural Development of Chengdu conducted jointly by the Chengdu Bureau of Statistics, the Coordinating Committee of the municipal party committee and the Chengdu survey team of the National Bureau of Statistics was recently released. The report shows that the balancing urban and rural development of Chengdu in such four appraisal fields as economic development, social undertaking, cultural development and democratic political development has been fully improved in 2008, and its overall degree of realization has reached 65.9%, up 4.4% over last year.

4. Chengdu agricultural products sold 1 billion yuan in Shenzhen
On June 26th, the Chengdu Promotion Conference on Agricultural Products was held in Shenzhen. Representatives sent by foreign commercial agencies stationed in Shenzhen, domestic and overseas as well as Hong Kong’s and Macao’s well-known agriculture-related enterprises, wholesalers, purchasers and export commission agents of farm and sideline products, together with counterparts from 43 leading industrialized agricultural companies and peasant special cooperative organizations from Chengdu’s 11 districts, cities and counties, 260 guests in total, have participated the promotion meeting.
Aiming at the Shenzhen market, Chengdu this time has arranged to the conference more than 300 high quality agricultural products in 9 categories, and 20 projects were signed on site, involving 1.097 billion yuan.

5. Shuangliu’s service industry secured 14 billion yuan of investment
On July 2nd, Shuangliu formally signed the investment agreements of in total 14.08 billion yuan for the U.S. Silicon Valley headquarter economic zone, the Southwest international mall of building material and furniture, the West China international furniture exhibition center, the Sanjiang headquarter base, the headquarter base for digital cartoon creation, and the Mengwei headquarter base. It is reported that it is so far the time with the largest number of contracts signed and the biggest investment agreed for the administration committee of the near-airport service industry since its establishment. The successful introduction of the 6 projects will further extend the near-airport service industrial chain in Shuangliu county, and optimize the industrial layout.

6. Tenth Chengdu Furniture Exhibition fell down curtain, with 1.8 billion yuan of transactions concluded over four days
On July 6th, the Tenth Chengdu Furniture Exhibition fell down the curtain, which has attracted visitors of 110,000 over the four days, with transactions concluded as much as 1.8 billion yuan, and the radiating benefits totaling 19 billion yuan.

7. “Harmony type” high power electronic locomotive order secured in Sichuan
On June 22nd, the ministry of railway and the China South Locomotive & Rolling Group (short for CSRGC) signed in Chengdu a contract of purchasing 400 “Harmony type” high-power AC drive electric locomotives, of which 120 will be produced by Ziyang Locomotive Works and Ziyang Electronic Locomotive, two subsidiaries of the CSRGC in Sichuan, which is another important measure of the ministry of railway to support Sichuan’s post-disaster reconstruction.

It is reported that the settlement in Sichuan of the newly-made manufacturing order of high-power electronic locomotives will drive more than 20 related industries in the province such as machinery, electronics, steel, wire rod, chemical, etc.

8. Qiyuan international headquarter base invested with 1 billion yuan started construction
The Qiyuan International Headquarter Base invested with 1 billion yuan started construction recently in Chenghua district. The project invested by the Sichuan K&M Group, covering an area of 66 mou, is mainly built for the state-encouraged industrial project – the solar amorphous silicon project’s research center, which is estimated to be completed and put into operation in December of 2010, and by then, the annual output could achieve over 1.5 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue more than 50 million yuan.

9. From January to June Sichuan’s foreign trade value topped central and west China
From this January to June, Sichuan’s accumulated foreign trade value attained 10.38 billion US dollars, up 8.1% year-on-year, which makes Sichuan one of the three provinces in China with positive growth in the external trade, against an overall decrease of 23.5% in imports and exports of the whole country, learnt the journalist on July 9th from Chengdu Customs. Its total export is 6.1 billion US dollars, up 12.1%, with growth rate ranking the second in China; the import reached 4.27 billion US dollars, up 2.9%.
Sichuan’s foreign trade value, import value and export value from January to June all topped the central and western China, ranking 11th in China, rising respectively by 2 places, 3 places and 2 places compared with the same period of last year.

10. Pengzhou city designated as experimental point of “Chengdu comprehensive experimental station of national bee industry technical system”
Recently, Pengzhou city was designated by the Sichuan bee industry management station as the experimental point of the “Chengdu comprehensive experimental station of national bee industry technical system”. The site of experimentation will collect the research fruits of 20 scientists working in the bee industry across the country to provide for beekeepers the experimentation, demonstration and popularization of new technologies.

11. Largest in West China, Chengdu Xilian Iron & Steel logistics harbor started construction
One of the biggest iron & steel logistics bases in West China, covering an area of over 400 mou with the floor area of 420,000 square meters, the Chengdu Xilian Iron & Steel Logistics Harbor project capable of accommodating over a thousand steel dealers started construction in the Jinniu High-tech Industrial Park on June 25th. It is reported that the project invested with more than 1 billion yuan will be built into a whole-new e-commerce platform, so as to realize the electronic payment, electronic logistics, electronic transaction in the course of the steel exchange, and further to realize the upgrading of the steel trade.

12. Qionglai introduced a 29.90-million-US-dollar sanitary material production project from Taiwan
On July 14th, Qionglai county government and the Taiwan-invested Chengdu Kang Na Hsiung Enterprise Co., Ltd., held a signing ceremony for the sanitary material accessory project. It is reported that its total investment attained 29.90 million US dollars.

13. The tenth Sichuan Television Festival to be opened in November
The tenth Sichuan Television Festival co-sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government will be held in Chengdu from 6th to 8th November, 2009. The Sichuan Television Festival since 1991 has gone through 16 years, and being held every odd-numbered year, it has been held successfully nine editions, becoming one of the well-known professional exhibitions in China.

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