Shanghai Retail: Booming or Busting

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 7:32
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Later that week, while walking from Xintiandi to Huai Hai plaza (roughly 1km) to an event, I took out my iPhone camera to capture one of those moments where I realized that all the good economic recovery news was not translating to the street.

In short, over the course of my 1km journey, I captured roughly 15-20 open retail spaces (recently vacated and going through fit out) that highlighted a simple point… that things are not what they seem.  That, even as some still look to China to be the consumers of last resort and as a source of potential economic catalyst, the fact that there are 15-20 open retail spaces available along one of Shanghai’s busiest retail zones is not only discouraging, but shows that consumers are not going along with the plan unless there is a deal.

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