BritCham Guangzhou Chamber Eye. Read It.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 20:38
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The Guangzhou branch of the British Chamber of Commerce has just released, through their chamber magazine the Chamber Eye, one of the most comprehensive guides to due diligence I have seen to date.

36 pages in length, the articles on contributions from some of China’s most experienced providers and practitioners, and I highly suggest readers take the time to read it (pdf here).

P10: A Different Toolbox For M&A DD In China by Jay Boyle
P14: Commercial DD – An Essential Tool For Every Transaction
P16: Technical Due Diligence
P18: Legal Due Diligence
P21: Due Diligence in a Cautious M&A Market
P23: HR Involvement Critical to M&A Success
P27: Examining the Financial Health of Your Deal

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