Chengdu Investment News: August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009 7:51
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1. VXI US to set up western call center in Chengdu
The global one-stop call center solution provider VXI US had settled in the Tianfu Software Park, learnt the journalist on August 16th. It is introduced that the size of the Chengdu call center will exceed 1,000 seats, equivalent to the total sum of seats VXI has in the call centers of Shanghai and Guangzhou.

2. Giant investors from across China came to Chengdu, nearly a hundred Sichuan-based companies obtained investment of 8.8 billion yuan
On August 18th, the grand gathering of deep connection of high-tech industries and financial capital – the matchmaking meeting between Sichuan’s financial organizations and high-tech enterprises was held in the Chengdu High-tech Zone. Tens of investment “magnates” from across the country gathered together with over 400 high-tech companies from Sichuan, making matches between projects and capital.
At the meeting, nearly 100 Sichuan-based high-tech companies signed various agreements with such organizations as banks, insurance, guarantee and venture capital, obtaining financed and invested capital totaling 8.8345 billion yuan, among which, 13 banks including the Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank signed loan agreements with 85 enterprises, with loan amounting to 7.208 billion yuan.

3. More than 100 million US dollars attracted, building “leisure sports complex” in North Lake
On August 18th, the Chenghua district government and the China Merchants Property Development signed an investment agreement on the “Comprehensive Development Cooperation project of 198 North Lack Region of Chengdu”: with an investment estimation of 117 million US dollars, China Merchant Property Development will build an “urban leisure sports complex” covering an area of 1,700 mou, integrated with leisure sports, tourist sightseeing and vacation residence, whose construction is predicted to be roughly completed in 3 to 5 years.

4. Signed 22 projects investing in Dayi
On August 19th, a signing ceremony was held in Dayi County, during which 22 projects with agreed investment of 3.46 billion yuan (including 1 foreign-invested project of agreed investment of 20 million US dollars) were signed. The signed projects involving the primary, secondary and tertiary industries contain 11 industrial projects, 2 agricultural projects, 8 tertiary industry projects such as cultural tourism, and 1 urban management project.

5. “49th Miss International pageant” to be held in Chengdu
On August 19th, the introduction meeting concerning the “49th Miss International Pageant”, one of the three top beauty pageants in the world, was held in Chengdu, during which its Chengdu preparatory committee announced that the western section competition (from Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Tibet) will be kicked off in Chengdu on September 1st, the western section final is scheduled on October 25th, with the to-be top 10 beauties to participate in the China Zone final, and the global final of the “49th Miss International Pageant” will be held in Chengdu on November 28th.

6. Chenghua district held a promotion meeting in Hong Kong
On August 19th, Chenghua district held in Hong Kong the “2009 Chengdu Chenghua (Hong Kong) Real estate (Business) project introduction and signing conference”, and signed with 7 Hong Kong famed investors on the spot 7 modern services construction projects of total estimated investment of 1.2 billion US dollars, and in the meanwhile put forward 16 exploitable parcels of land totaling 2,400 mou.

7. High-tech Zone upgraded as national innovation and entrepreneurship base for high-level talent
After several months of careful selection, the country’s second batch of “overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship base” approved by the Ministry of Organization had been released, and the Chengdu High-tech Zone, as the sole unit chosen from Sichuan, smoothly entered into the echelon of talent innovation and entrepreneurship base with a “national” title, learnt the journalist on August 21st from the Chengdu High-tech Zone.

8. 10 billion yuan to be invested, ancient town of Dujiangyan to become a “sleepless city”
In order to build an international leisure tourism city, the Dujiangyan municipality will make the protective development on its historical district. The historical district noted mainly for numerous historical streets and lanes such as the Western Street, the Commercial Street and Wenmiao block will become a leisure-tourism-oriented ancient town with healthy economy and harmonious function, integrating mountain, water and weir. The reconstruction will start at the end of October, and over 10 billion yuan is estimated to be invested in this effort, learnt the journalist on August 24th.

9. China art treasury cultural and creative industrial park project settled in Luodai town
On August 25th, the project of the China art treasury cultural and creative industrial park invested with total investment of 1 billion yuan, was formally signed and settled in Luodai town of Longquanyi district, which lays a foundation for the building of Luodai into a national well-known artistic town.

It is reported that the China art treasury project will build in Luodai a cultural and creative industrial cluster characterized by contemporary art with an influence both in China and abroad, consisting mainly of such sub-projects as originality development, artist gallery, tourist experience, cultural entertainment, education and training, high-end exchange and living service. The project is built in two phases, the first to be completed within two years, and the second to be finished and put into use within 3 years. After the completion, the project will provide over 6,000 job positions, and achieve a taxation of 160 million yuan annually.

10. China’s largest financing supermarket opened, annual financing over 5 billion yuan
On August 25th, the long preparing Sichuan financial supermarket for small and medium enterprises was formally started and put into operation in the Dong Avenue. It is learnt that the supermarket is Sichuan’s first financing public service platform for small and medium enterprises integrated with such functions as finance, assurance, share lease, property right exchange and petty loan, and is so far the largest provincial-level finance-sourcing service platform in China with most completed financial organizations.

11. Chengdu to fly direct to Kuala Lumpur on October 20th
AirAisa of Malaysia announced on August 25th that the direct scheduled flight from Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur will be officially opened on October 20th.

12. Total investment of over 3 billion yuan, “Tiandi of Northern City” began construction
After having successfully built such projects as Shanghai Xintiandi and Chongqing Tiandi, the Shui On Group of Hong Kong turned its eyes to Chengdu. On August 26th, the project of “Tiandi of Northern City” (temporary name) invested with more than 3 billion yuan broke earth formally, which, after completion, will become a landmark building in the northern city, adding a high-end large-scale complex dedicated to urban life in this part of the city, and greatly pushing the development of modern commercial industry in the north city.

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