Chengdu Investment News: September 18

Friday, September 18, 2009 9:19
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1. Comparing urban education competitiveness, Chengdu ranking fourth
The study report on Educational Competitiveness of Chinese Cities released on August 30th by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that among 15 deputy provincial cities in China, Shenzhen ranks first in terms of educational comprehensive competitiveness, and Chengdu ranks fourth.

2. FAW new-energy passenger car to be put into production in 2011
The FAWER Chengdu base, the FAWAY Chengdu base and the FAW southwestern base of new-energy passenger car had officially signed with the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETDZ), learnt the journalist on August 30th from Longquanyi district. The total investment of the 3 automobile and parts production companies is more than 1.1 billion yuan, and according to plan, projects will be completed and put into production in 2011, which by then will greatly enrich the automobile industrial chain of the CETDZ.

3. First foreign-invested wholesale bank, JP Morgan Chase& Co’s Chengdu branch operated
On September 10th, the first wholesale foreign bank JP Morgan Chase& Co.’s Chengdu branch officially began operation, which means that Chengdu’s financial patterns become richer, whereas Chengdu also became JP Morgan Chase& Co.’s fifth chosen cities for conducting business after Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou. The opening of the Chengdu branch also signifies that the number of foreign banks operating in Chengdu has risen to 9.

4. CNBM’s “three flowers” blossom in Chengdu in one day
China’s first 0.5mm LCD glass substrate production line laid foundation in Chengdu, the seismic energy-saving house of the new rural construction project started construction in Chengdu, the 2 billion yuan investment in building light building materials industrial base project were formally signed… As the country’s largest comprehensive building materials industry group, the China National Building Material Group Corporation reached a package of cooperation agreements with Chengdu in merely one day of August 30th. The two parts’ collaboration starting from building materials and houses as the base is extending fully towards such new fields as photo electricity and new energy.

5. 390 million yuan investing in Longquanyi district, two projects settled in logistics center
Recently, the Minsheng (Longquan) logistics project and Changjiu Group’s southwestern commercial car transferring base project of total investment of 390 million yuan were settled in Longquan Logistics Center. The Minsheng Longquan logistics project has an investment of 170 million yuan, mainly engaged in building warehouse distribution center, container yard and regional headquarters and so on, and will achieve an annual turnover of 160 million yuan, annual tax revenue 4 million yuan after meeting full capacity; Changjiu Group’s southwestern commercial car transferring base project invested with 220 million yuan, will build high-end vehicle storage, high-end parts warehouse, vehicle parking, automobile preparation base and regional headquarters, and is expected to realize an annual turnover of 250 million yuan, annual tax revenue 8 million yuan. The two projects are planned to start construction in September of this year, and to be completed in 2010.

6. Making of prototype of home-made C919 large passenger aircraft head started in Chengdu
On September 1st, the head works prototype of China C919 large passenger aircraft project started production formally in the AVIC/Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Company, which marks that China’s independent design and manufacture of large passenger aircraft C919 has achieved a breakthrough – Chengdu “leading” large passenger aircraft project set sail.

7. Summer Tour Scoreboard, Chengdu ranks third
According to the “2009 National Summer Tour List” released by the on September 2nd, under the leveraging effect of panda cards, tourists coming to Chengdu this summer increased by more than 200% compared with the same period of last year, which made Chengdu just behind Beijing, Xiamen, with the city ascending the second-runner “throne” as the third most popular summer tourist destination in China.

8. At new energy international forum, Shuangliu signed contracts of 5.6 billion yuan
The 2009 China (Chengdu) New Energy International Forum and Solar Energy Exposition were held in Chengdu on September 3rd to 6th. At the Chengdu new-energy industry promotion meeting and signing ceremony held on 5th, Shuangliu County signed 13 contracts with various parties, with total agreed investment of 5.6 billion yuan.

9. Belgium will set up a BCECC representative office in Chengdu
Belgium’s Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce will set up a representative office in Chengdu, and also a dedicated office. It is reported that this is the first representative office to be set up by the BCECC in China. On September 6th, leaders of Sichuan Commerce Department and Sichuan Provincial Import and Export Chamber of Commerce met Dewit, the visiting president of the BCECC, and an economic and trading cooperative agreement was signed between the provincial import and export chamber of commerce and the BCECC.

10. Ministry of Culture formally approved intangible heritage festival to permanently reside in Chengdu
The Ministry of Culture had returned a formal letter of approval, agreeing to hold with Sichuan Provincial People’s Government in Chengdu an edition every two year of the China Chengdu International intangible cultural heritage festival during the period of the national “cultural heritage day”, learnt the journalist on September 6th from the municipal bureau of culture.

11. Three important domestic design companies to enter Redstar 35
On September 9th, ARTOP Industrial Design Co., Ltd., a domestic well-known industrial design company, was formally settled in the Redstar 35 Chengdu Cultural Creative Industrial Parks, and together with the previously stationed Newplan and the upcoming LKK Design, the three most famous industrial design companies in China all have a presence in the Redstar 35 – Chengdu Cultural Creative Industrial Park, which will shoulder the flag of industrial design locally even in west regions.

12. Investing 30 billion yuan, West China Clothing Capital landed in Pengzhou
On September 10th, the fifth congress of Sichuan Household Textile Industrial Association was held in Pengzhou. It is reported that the major developer Huamao Construction Company collaborating with Chengdu Industry Investment Group, will gradually invest 30 billion yuan and devotedly build in Pengzhou the “West China Clothing Capital”. Its prophase project – the first phase construction of Huamao•Chengdu Household Textile Industrial Park has already completed, and 18 leading household textile companies will soon enter.

13. Chongzhou Chuanhui investing 100 million yuan to build a plastic pipe production park
On August 29th, Chongzhou Chuanhui Plastic, one of Sichuan’s leading plastic companies, invested 100 million yuan in Chongzhou’s industrial park, to add a 100-mou plastic pipe production park.

14. Chengdu entered China’s top ten e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship cities
The 1997 – 2009: Survey Report on China’s E-commerce in Twelve Years released by the China B2B Research Center recently in Hangzhou has selected the “top ten e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship cities/regions in China”; Chengdu was among the list, becoming the only selection from West China, learnt the journalist on September 13th.

15. Dujiangyan signed in Shanghai, obtaining investment of 3.06 billion yuan for post-disaster reconstruction
On September 14th, the Dujiangyan post-disaster reconstruction introduction and project promotion meeting were held in Shanghai, at which signed were a total of 53 post-disaster reconstruction projects, the investment amounting to 3.06 billion yuan, involving 4 primary industry projects, 10 secondary industry projects, 17 tourist cooperation projects, 12 commercial projects and 10 science and technology projects.

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