Class Update and Call For Partnerships

Sunday, November 1, 2009 18:16
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For those of you who have been wondering why All Roads has been lite on posts lately, I apologize.  As you may recall I am now a Visiting Professor at CEIBS and last week I had 36 mid semester progress reports submitted for grading.

Overall.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am.

There have been a lot of people over the last few months who have expressed their opinions on what the likely outputs will be, and if there is one thread that I think ties all these progress reports together it is this.

Sustainability in China is a deeply personal issue.  It is not an intangible “save the polar bears” idea, but an everyday clean air, clean water, clean food idea.  Many of the projects, largely still in internet research phase, are the ones that few westerners would consider as first pick: urban poverty, elderly care, waste management, packaging reductions, water efficiency, and so on.  Sure, I do have a team focused on solar and one focused on cap and trade, but the vast majority of projects are ones that look at how to improve systems.

… and here is where I hope you (and your firm) will get involved.

Beginning in January, each of these 36 teams will be required to partner with an external group (for profit or non) for a period of about 3 months.  the goal will be to (1) leverage the research they have done as a team to benefit their partner and (2) further develop their research through practical experience.  There are a few basic requirements:

1) Project durations would need to fit into the semester system (January – May)
2) Clear scope, deliverables, and understanding of the impacts
3) Would leverage their research (See the attached PPT of current projects)
4) Would need to be Shanghai based – students will not be able to travel out of the city
5) Ideally a final output would be a marketing or business plan that would enable further expansion from the project.

Of course, I am hoping that the partner would also offset any transportation related costs the students would incur while on the job.

So, if you or your firm are interested in having 6 students work with you to develop an idea you have for how to make your firm more sustainable, develop a product that you feel will have a positive impact on the environment in China, or are in need of some help creating your business plan, download this form and submit it to me by November 16th.

Project Proposal Form

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