Sichuan Community Flower Containers. Delivered and Installed

Thursday, December 17, 2009 5:38
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Just a quick celebratory note to announce that after a nearly 18 months of planning, designing, funding, and pushing.. the first Hands On Chengdu Community Flower project has been delivered to site and installed.

A lot of people to thank – Joyce, Vivian, John, Fang Hui, Conyee, Conlyn, Milan, Holger and many others whom not only personally donated to the cause, but threw their corporate resources behind the project (SPARCH and ACL design, ARUP engineered, Modeling by AMOD, Akzo Nobel Paints, Agility Logistics Logistical Support, and many more who made the initial fundraiser possible) as well as funds from George Watson’s College and The Blackford Trust in Scotland

It was in many ways the biggest project we have all worked on, and while at times we never thought that road to the village would get finished (3 month delay), it finally got there!

Thanks again to everyone that supported the project, and I look forward to sending more pictures as the next stages of this project are completed in the spring.

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