Chengdu Investment News December 22, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:15
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1. Chengdu’s Metro Line 1 laid completely, to start trial operation next October
On November 30th, the municipal government of Chengdu held a press conference, announcing that the track-laying of the Metro Line 1 of Chengdu has been completely finished, and the trial operation is predicted to begin next October.

2. Chengdu expected to become emerging growth pole in Asia Inland in future
On December 5th, the third Chengdu Economic Development Forum sponsored by the Chengdu Economic Development Institute was inaugurated, and around the topic of “Chengdu Economy in fifty years”, guests from the National Development and Reform Commission, the China International Economic Exchanger Center, Chengdu-based higher learning institutions and research organizations and relevant governmental departments of the city, have discussed the road of future development of Chengdu. Experts thought that in about 20 years, Chengdu is expected to become an emerging inland growth pole in Asia and an innovative international hub city.

3. Among most investable new energy cities in 2009, Chengdu ranked No. 1
At the 2009 China Economic Development Annual Meeting of New Energy Industry held recently, Chengdu was awarded the title of the “most investable new energy city of China in 2009”, and ranked No. 1 among the 15 cities on the list, learnt the journalist on December 8th from the municipal economic commission.

4. Chengdu to open “data highway” directly connecting outside world
On November 30th, the important project of Chengdu Construction of the Western Communications Hub – the Chengdu International Export Direct Data Channel was kicked off, which marked the formal operation in Chengdu of the “data highway” directly connecting the outside world. From then on, the speed of Chengdu’s connections to foreign websites can be increased 50% the most.

5. Striving to accomplish sales revenue of 55 billion yuan for new energy industry
According to the New Energy Industrial Development Plan of Chengdu (2009– 2012), Chengdu will follow the overall strategic arrangement of “accelerating the development of emerging industries, and cultivating new economic growths”, speeding up the industrial development of such new energies as solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, new energy vehicle and semiconductor lightning, and striving to realize sales revenue of 55 billion yuan from the new energy industry in 2012, building Chengdu into a Western first, China’s leading high technology base of new energy industry, learnt the journalist at the 44th thematic press conference held on December 3rd by the municipal information office.

6. China’s biggest automotive software leader settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone
On December 6th, China’s biggest automotive software company Qiming Information announced an investment of 5 million in Chengdu to establish Chengdu Qiming Chunrong Information Technology Co., Ltd. and its settlement in the High-tech Zone. As the FAW Group-holding company uniquely specializing in automotive software development in China, Qiming Chunrong Company, in addition to providing services in line with the strategic development plan of FAW Group in Chengdu, will explore more adequately the 100-billion yuan auto industry market of the city.

7. Chengdu to add another two research units of “national status”
After the approval of relevant state ministries and commissions, Chengdu will be added an engineering laboratory and an engineering research center both of national title, which are the “National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of OLED Technology” and the “National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Chinese Herbal Pieces Concocting”, respectively, learnt the journalist on December 6th from the municipal bureau of technology and science.

8. Bo’ao Company’s biological industrial R&D base settled in Wenjiang, Chengdu
News was released on December 6th by the Wenjiang district: Bo’ao Biological Co., Ltd, China’s first and an world leader in the bio-chip industry, had officially signed an agreement to have its first independent medical laboratory to be settled in the Chengdu International Medicine City situated in Wenjiang, and invest 150 million yuan to construct the Bo’ao biological industrial R&D center; as a frontier organization using its bio-chip technology in direct service of public, the Bo’ao International Medical Laboratory after over three-months preparation, is to be opened at the end of the month.

9. International Microelectronics Show settled in Chengdu permanently
On December 7th, Chengdu development office of exhibitions and England-based Reed Exhibitions Group China Corporation signed a cooperative agreement, deciding to hold the China (Chengdu) International Electronic Production Equipment and Technology Exposition in June, 2010, and also confirmed that the exhibition permanently stay in Chengdu, to be held once a year starting from next year.

10. Settled in Wenjiang projects of modern services with total investment reaching 12 billion yuan
On December 8th, the Wenjiang district held in Jin Jiang Hotel the signing ceremony of important projects of modern services industry for the “foreign-related economic zone in western new city of Guanghua”, during which were signed the projects of Pearl River New City International, Ito-Yokado, Carrefour, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi of Taiwan, and Chengdu Zhixin Guanghua International Community, etc., with total investment reaching 12 billion yuan. The group of important modern services projects signed to enter is the first batch of the projects to support the city function of the area.

11. Chengdu-Europe-Mideast cargo flights opened
On December 3rd, Chengdu municipal government and Jade Cargo International Company formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu: the two parties agreed to collaborate to build an international cargo hub in the Shuangliu Airport, which will make Chengdu’s airport become the European cargo transshipment center in central and western China. On the same day, the first cargo flight of Chengdu – Vienna – Amsterdam – Dubai developed by Jade Cargo International was ceremoniously opened, which not only means no more blank in the all-cargo air route from Chengdu to Europe, but also marked the formal settlement in Chengdu of the European cargo transshipment center of the Midwest China.

12. Chengdu-made electric bus to hit the road next year
On December 9th, the provincial economic commission made a formal letter of reply, agreeing the demonstration runs of 30 “Mustang” SQJ6111B1CH pure electric city buses developed by Sichuan Automobile Group in the urban areas of Chengdu and Mianyang in 2010. It is reported that this type of pure electric city bus has passed through a variety of road test and vehicle inspection stereotype of the State Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, whose composite performance index has reached the related national standards for new energy automobiles, and has the model operating conditions.

13. FAW Group’s two key logistics projects signed
On December 10th, the signing ceremony of two Chengdu logistics base projects of Chuangchun Lujie Logsitics Co., Ltd. and FAW Group Import and Export Corporation was held grandly in the Century City.

14. 3 years later, Chengdu’s environmental protection industry to realize output of 26 billion yuan
On December 10th, the municipal government held a press conference and released the detailed content of the Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Development Plan (2009-2012) issued formally by the General Office of the municipal government recently. According to the Plan, as one of 10 emerging industries of Chengdu, the environmental protection industry is expected to grow with a growth rate of 45% annually, and to realize the production value of 26 billion yuan. At the same time, an environmental protection industry base is planned to be built in the Jintang Industrial Development Zone, companies specializing in the comprehensive utilization of resources such as the scrap metal and waste paper recycling will be laid strategically in the Xinjing Industrial Development Zone, and an incubation park of environmental science and technology to be constructed in the Longtan Industrial Development Zone.

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