Hire a CEIBS Responsible Leadership Program Intern for Summer of 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010 1:35
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Hello everyone.

As you know, for the last 9 months I have had the privilege of teaching a project based course to 193 MBA students on sustainability at the China Europe International Business School. Split into 35 teams, they have been focused their research projects across 25+ separate issues, and for the last 2 months have been working on developing strategic plans with corporations, NGOs, and social enterprises in China to turn the theoretical into the tangible.

It has been an incredible experience, and the with the quality of work that the students have been bringing to me, I have decided to take a step that I hope will develop opportunities for them to take the next step in their own careers.

I want to find them internships for the 2010 summer.  Internships that will not only reinforce the work they have been doing throughout the year, but bring into companies who are operating in China, or looking to know more about China, resources that will push your own programs further.

CEIBS Responsible Leadership Program (RLP) Summer Internship Program

The question of whether companies should embrace sustainable business practices that will continue the business to be profitable while at the same time, address community needs and stakeholders’ interests isn’t just a question of moral obligations anymore. It has become one where it makes good business sense to do so. In addition, the gradual change in people’s values is a key compelling reason for companies to re-evaluate the way they operate.

In light of both the internal and external pressures that companies face in evolving their business practices that address the sustainability issues, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) recognizes that future business leaders should be equipped with the knowledge, skill sets and drive to help meet these needs.  The School has since launched a full-year class, “Sustainability and Responsibility Leadership” for its current cohort of students.

Over the last year, 190 MBA students at CEIBS have enrolled in this course. They have researched and managed projects on more than 25 of China’s most pressing issues. They include:

  • Market landscape and entry strategies for green building technologies, smart grid, water filtration, e-waste management, and cold chain logistics
  • Business plans for improving small scale CDM project funding, food labeling, organic food and clothing, and natural cosmetics
  • Capacity development for community enterprises focused on elderly care, migrant education, urban poverty alleviation programs and assisting persons with disabilities

Why Hire a Summer CEIBS RLP Student?

CEIBS RLP students are trained to think strategically to understand market and regulatory landscape. They have also been taught to conduct stakeholder mapping and partnership development. Bringing their previous experience in human resources, operations, finance and marketing, they have brought the projects to fruition.

CEIBS is providing an opportunity for both these students and companies to be engaged for two months in building and improving a current product, process or partnership that aim to address the changing business environment.

How Can Hiring a RLP Intern Help Your Company?

The most tangible means for CEIBS RLP students to work with your company is to evaluate the risks that are brought about from changes in regulations, stakeholders and the public. They can help research current opportunities to develop a new product, service and/or embark in a new partnership that will have direct positive impact for your company, customers, partners and community.

Sample projects could include (but are not limited to):

  • Analyzing cleantech market applications and investment opportunities
  • Identification and research of new sustainable products and services in China
  • Market entry strategies for foreign products and services within the sustainability sector
  • Consumer and branding studies for consumer focused green products
  • Industry level regulatory, stakeholder, and risk analysis
  • Community partnership development as part of a CSR outreach program
  • Lifecycle analysis and strategy construction related to waste management and reduction

What are the requirements of hosting an RLP Intern?

As graduate students at China’s top MBA program, CEIBS’ students look for internships where they can truly provide the expertise and value add that your firm currently lacks. They look forward to internships that are strategic in nature, and at the same time be hands-on in the project(s) that they are assigned to. CEIBS also expect the same as well.

The duration of the internship is two months, starting from early July and ending late August 2010.

Note: Some students might be more flexible in their availability depending on their time and location of their internship.

Internships should be paid positions, with work related expenses reimbursed.

How To Get Started

To learn more about this opportunity, please see the list of issues and projects that the students are currently undertaking. Following which, please download the form where we will need you to provide a brief description of the position and contact information where we can reach you. Please email the completed form at rlpinternships @ collectiveresponsibility.org.

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2 Responses to “Hire a CEIBS Responsible Leadership Program Intern for Summer of 2010”

  1. Jesse Covner says:

    March 14th, 2010 at 3:49 am

    HI Rich,

    My current primary customer is a factory of industrial equipment; the intern would need extremely specialized knowledge to contribute, and would most likely get lost. However, I will keep my ears open and see if companies in Suzhou that I contact have need of this.


  2. Martin the career aptitude guy says:

    August 21st, 2010 at 8:27 am

    I tell all my students to take an intern job if they get the chance, so I will let them know about this article. I also work with a lot of companies so I will encourage them to take on an intern. Thanks for posting.