Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-07

Monday, May 7, 2012 16:25
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  • [ge stagnates in China] GE Turns Eye to Australia # china $ge #
  • Hey everyone. I'm now on G+. Follow me and I promise to follow back. #
  • How to follow All Roads Lead to China on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, and RSS #
  • Soaring Meat Consumption in #China Has Global Implications @allroads #agriculture #food #trade #
  • My questions about what is going on in Beijing right now. #
  • Local banker view on getting profits out of China "only one official way (which is difficult), but many unofficial (which are easier)" #
  • RT @cmphku: Readers must see the 00:00 Weibo sign-off from The Beijing News. And comment before it disappears. #
  • Xi's era will be make/ break time RT @DavidBarboza2: Minxin Pei: Communist China's Perilous Phase via @WSJ #
  • One sign you have a tiger mom living above you… piano music starting at 8am on Saturday morning. Poor kid. #
  • Great conversation abt business in China w/ lawyer & investor. Many firms are re-evaluating "success" now. luxury happy.. for now #
  • Everyone agreed abt one thing. Many had expectations that were never met, and entrepreneurs coming to China hv steepest hill. #risk #reward #
  • Biggest concern abt China business env is the "extractive" mindset. chinese looking to cash out of China. Little trust in long term. #
  • In the third hour of her piano practice, #Tigermom feels the need to begin screaming about 4 year old not concentrating. #parenting #fail #
  • [great read] RT @NiuB: Why Pick a Fight With China? | The Diplomat #
  • The latest proof Shanghai is getting expensive. The 28RMB 8oz peach tea @glolondon #
  • U.S. workforce must boost skills for third industrial revolution #manufacturing #madeinUSA #
  • [construction?] Minor earthquake hits Baoshan District in Shanghai #
  • [food safety is #1 catalyst] Chinese getting tired of #MadeinChina products #china #madeinusa #
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