China Europe Int’l Business School – Business, Society, and Environment Project Call Out

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 7:56
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Hi Everyone.

Along time readers will know, I have been working at CEIBS for the last 4 years on one of the most innovative classes that exist in the MBA world.  It is a 4 month project based class where we partner our 200+ students with firms to develop (and execute) on projects that have a strategic relevance to an issue of sustainability for the firm.

I am copying in the invite below for those of you that are interested, and I hope to hear from you.  We already have about 20 projects from firms large and small, and include project like: marketing plan in the cleantech space, supplier scorecard and training, green consumerism survey, CSR strategy development (focus on philanthropy), and elderly care services.

full details below, and as always I am happy to answer any questions via the email address below.


CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) is seeking projects and partners for its innovative MBA course on Business, Society and Environment (BSE).

This mandatory course has teams of full-time CEIBS MBA students working with external partners to tackle an important sustainability or CSR challenge. We invite you and your organization to join us as a project sponsor and mentor.

Since launching the course in 2009 we have achieved numerous win-win outcomes for students and their partners. Partners gain the time and expertise of an MBA team and, as final deliverable, a strategic plan of action that addresses a relevant issue for their business. Students gain tangible insights and practical skills on managing CSR and sustainability as well as an enhanced capacity for responsible leadership. More than 100 student teams have completed projects to date, yielding clear contributions to government, corporate, and NGO stakeholders.

Now entering our fourth year, we are looking for 50 projects to be completed in the first quarter of 2013. I invite you to review the attached materials (Program overview, previous project examples, and testimonials) and give serious consideration to joining us.

With three months of student time, you can make strong progress in hitting your CSR and sustainability goals. Thus, it is our sincere hope that you will find a way to engage our students.

Project possibilities include
•Developing a business plan to open a new market or launch a new product that better meets China’s sustainability and CSR targets
•Improving an existing product/process that improves efficiency and reduces environmental footprint
•Creating a CSR or sustainability strategy that aligns organizations goals and stakeholders

If interested in developing a project, please email (brichard [email protected]) me for full details and an application.

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