To Be Transparent Will Be Glorious

Sunday, June 9, 2013 17:36
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On of the most recent trends that I have noticed more and more over the last 2-3 years is the efforts that firms will go to in the area of transparency.  Engaging consumers through campaigns that are educationally minded.  Teaching the consumer how their products are produced, and why they can be trusted.

The most recent example of this comes from the locally owned City Farm, whose farm is one of Shanghai’s largest providers of high end veggies.  Not organically certified, the owners scaled their operations over the last 10 years as key clients City Shop, Element Fresh, and luxury hotels have scaled.  When shopping there, and it is the major provider of my veggies, I recently picked up a copy of their magazine Epicurious where the article above was included.  To be honest, until I read this article, I did not realize they were rearing their own pigs and have continue my ban on pork products.  But, that may change after reading this article.

Which is why they wrote the article.  They understand, and have for a while, that to be transparent is key to maintaining the loyalty of their customers, and bringing in new customers who pass this article on.

Where this is interesting, is that this is a trend that is globally picking up steam in the food industry, and last week I spent a significant amount of time with 3 dozens of sustainability / marketing managers of large firms operating in Asia speaking about the pressure that firms are facing and the fact that consumers are constantly demanding more information.

Information that was beginning to separate leaders from the pack. A pack that is (depending on industry) are seeing their markets diminish as questions arise, the risk equation changes, and consumers flock to “safety”

To be transparent will be glorious

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