Lung Cancer Rates in Beijing up 50%. Breathing Blamed

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 21:06
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This morning’s article from the Telegraph (Lung cancer rates in Beijing are up by 50 PER CENT (but officials claim it’s due to smoking NOT the smog), leads with some very sobering bullet points about the crisis that is air quality in China.

  • Lung cancer rates in China’s capital have doubled in a decade
  • Officials blame smoking, saying air pollution is only a factor
  • While 320million Chinese smoke, the rate has fallen steadily since 1996
  • Meanwhile air pollution has soared 30 per cent in 2013 alone
  • Last week an eight-year-old girl was diagnosed with lung cancer which doctors blamed on poor air quality

Note that while this is a Beijing focused article, this is actually a China issue, and what I continue to find sobering is the level of denial around the issue, its causes, and what it will take to fix.

Although… I would agree that the increased rates are due to smoking. The air is THAT BAD that simply breathing is smoking.  the only problem is that there is no patch, no gum, and no quitting cold turkey available to the millions of residents that live in North China.

Picture from: NASA Satellite Image Shows Beijing Drowning in a Lake of Smog

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