Code of Conduct

the blogosphere is an amazing place, and being the primary contributor to All Roads has been a very enjoyable learning experience for me, and one thing I have learned about this medium is that it is hyperdynamic.

When I started All Roads, my aim was to fill a void between china’s perception and reality that I saw in the market. to be honest, this forum was more about making my job easier rather than developing business from it, and it is why I am constantly being told by friends and readers that my content is a bit preachy.. a bit academic.

To ensure that this forum stays true to its purpose, it requires two simple things (1) I continue to write content that is as free of bias as possible and (2) your comments stay to topic.

therefore, I have put together a few rules that must be observed before I will approve a comment. I do this not becuse I want to, but because recent commentary on other blogs that I visit has shown me that I need to establish a policy:

1) Any and all comments should only address the topic of the original post, or to issues directly related to the topic

2) Personal attacks of any kind, be it upon myself, other commentors, or anyone else will not be tolerated. We are all adults, and while poking holes in an arguement and disagreeing with someone’s logic are all fair game, personal attacks do nothing more than reduce the quality of one’s counterargument and this medium.

3) I live in China, and appreciate the fact that there are rules that I must live by that others may have issue with. There are plenty of forums that avail themselves to pure political analysis and banter, and this is not one of them.

In the end, I am a pretty generous person and will do my best to include everything I can, but I am not looking to turn All Roads into the playground sandbox that is becoming more and more prevalent. I hope you, my readers, will understand why I have put in this policy, and appreciate the fact that All Roads is a place where one can come to learn and discuss topics that are important to doing business in China.

In the words of the folks at Treehugger, I now invite you all to post an “intelligent and civil comment”

If you think I have missed anything please let me know through an email (comments are closed on this board), and I will be happy to consider your suggestions.